Featured in the Data-Driven Podcast: Going beyond demo & psychographics to understand human motivations

Demographics and psychographics are important tools in the modern marketing toolbox, but they’re not a competitive differentiator. Today’s AI- and data-driven marketing is enabling more-advanced starting points for tasks like segmentation and creative work. That’s why Bryan Gernert, CEO of Resonate, is shining a spotlight on how the intelligence for such tasks is being integrated into solutions, bringing marketers closer to the finish line in executing data-driven strategies and understanding consumer values.

AI-driven insights are unlocking a deeper understanding of human motivation. As AI continues to evolve, it’s not only about envisioning what’s possible but actively shaping what you’re doing on a daily basis. The current state of AI in data-driven marketing opens up an exciting path toward enhanced strategies and meaningful engagement with consumers.

In this thought-provoking Data-Driven Podcast episode with Dominic Bohan, Bryan explores the current state of AI in data-driven marketing and how Resonate is helping marketers move beyond demographics and psychographics to truly understand the individual humans behind the personas. If you’re looking to stay ahead in the AI-driven world of marketing, this is a must-listen!

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