Who’s Tuning In to Thursday Night Football This Thanksgiving?

Is there any tradition more American than tuning in to Thursday night football after a long day of turkey, family, and pumpkin pie? 2022 set another turkey day record, with 42.1 million viewers cheering for the Giants and the Cowboys, up 3% from the previous year’s big game. 

That means it’s prime time to reach audiences while they’re still in a tryptophan buzz. The San Francisco 49ers vs Seattle Seahawks game is airing at 8:20pm on NBC and Peacock, and we took a look at who savvy brands and agencies will reach if they’ve secured a high profile ad spot during the post-feast football game.

Using Resonate’s AI-powered data and analyzing within our data platform, built specifically for agencies and marketers, we looked at the avid and enthusiastic sports viewers who tune in to Thursday night football. Here’s what we learned about them, and what you should know if you’re trying to target this audience with marketing that will connect and convert. Spoiler: while some data seemed to track with expectations, like their penchant for fantasy sports, this group may care more about social impact than you would have assumed.

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