Learn How One Network Found a Higher Value in O&O

A&E’s content on O&O is free for viewer consumption — but it’s limited. They use Resonate’s real-time, dynamic data to make tough decisions on where to place content and what will drive the highest value for advertisers. 

In this infographic which examines their decision making, you’ll learn: 

  • Why focusing on subscriptions over free content isn’t always the most lucrative strategy – you need data to drive decision making 
  • Why it’s critical to look at the different audiences consuming content on different channels  
  • How this network determined that the highest value audience was in front of the pay wall –– and how they pitched it to advertisers 

Want to see the details and get a peek at the nuanced differences they uncovered? Check out the infographic, then request a personalized demo today. 


higher value in O&O

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