Resonate Featured in Streaming Media: Differences Between Live and On-Demand Audiences

Resonate’s Ray Faust’s latest byline in Streaming Media explores the critical differences between live and on-demand audiences. TV viewing habits show no signs of slowing down dramatic shifts towards consumers viewing their favorite shows through traditional channels, and marketers are tasked with understanding which of these changes are pandemic-driven, which will stick around, and which are flashes in the pan.

Additionally, beyond the streaming v. non-streaming conversation, there’s another nuance hiding: the difference between live and on-demand streaming audiences. They’re two sides of the same coin and they demand different marketing strategies and ad sales approaches — they require marketers to have a granular, individual level approach to their audience understanding.

Faust says, “As American viewing audiences continue to fragment, marketers are going to need to refine how they think about TV as a channel. In the era of personalization, nuance is everything. It’s time for the insights that marketers use to make decisions to get as granular as the audiences themselves.”

Want to read about these differences and get into the nitty gritty of the data? Read Faust’s article here for a look at the latest in live v. on-demand audiences.


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