Resonate Launches “Analytics For Agencies” To Help Them Better Serve Clients By Uncovering Consumer Motivations

Strategy and analytics teams can now analyze the reasons why people take action to improve targeting and performance of online advertising

RESTON, Va.— (BUSINESS WIRE) — Resonate, the only company that empowers marketers to act on why people make decisions, today rolled out Resonate Analytics for Agencies, leveraging its proprietary big data technology to reveal people’s motivations and improve the performance of digital advertising campaigns.

“Tapping into the ‘why’ behind decision-making results in more effective messaging and advertising placement, and stronger relationships with customers and supporters.”

Resonate Analytics provides a detailed view of people’s values, beliefs and attitudes, going far beyond broad demographics and generic behavioral data. This complements Resonate’s Media Services, the only targeting solution to deliver digital advertising based on people’s motivations across display, mobile, social and online video.


Resonate Analytics delivers significantly more than other analytics tools that only report activity or demographic information, i.e.: “what” happened and “who” took the action. Only Resonate Analytics reports “why” someone acted and can compare the motivations of various online audiences to understand what causes a consumer to take action. Resonate Analytics for Agencies delivers this unique data though an intuitive customer dashboard, giving strategy and analytics teams easy access to data they can use to quickly build and share insights.

Resonate Delivers Outstanding Results

A recent project with a leading appliance manufacturer’s agency shows the effectiveness of the data driving Resonate Analytics. The manufacturer, known for its cost-effective and reliable products, wanted to better understand what consumers cared about in order to expand its audience. Working with the agency, Resonate identified a new target: consumers who valued ‘closeness to family’ and ‘peace of mind’. They then delivered advertising to these audiences realizing a brand lift almost ten times higher than the campaign average.

Resonate’s targeting also drove incremental website visits: 97% of people who visited the web site wouldn’t have visited without Resonate.

“We are the only company giving agencies the advantage of combining analytics and targeting to provide ever increasing value to their clients,” said Bryan Gernert, Resonate CEO. “Tapping into the ‘why’ behind decision-making results in more effective messaging and advertising placement, and stronger relationships with customers and supporters.”

Built for agency-based strategy and analytics teams, allowing them to work more effectively with their media planning counterparts, Resonate Analytics helps:

  • Understand the differences between audiences e.g.: those who convert and those who don’t
  • Attract more of a client’s best customers by understanding what motivates them
  • Quantify if a campaign drove incremental customers by learning the difference between paid and organic visitors
  • Increase relevancy of the creative by aligning the content and messaging to match audience values

Resonate Analytics for Agencies is available now. For more information visit

About Resonate:

Resonate is the only company to empower brand, political and cause marketers to identify and engage with audiences based on the reasons behind people’s actions. Combining the latest big data technologies with proven research and analytic techniques, Resonate powers motivation-based targeting and analytics across all digital media channels. The ability to deliver advertising based on an individual’s social and personal values and product purchase preferences, goes beyond simple demographics to achieve greater engagement, campaign results and customer insight. For more information visit


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