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Here at Resonate, we recognize that redefining the consumer intelligence landscape requires more than just first-in-class technology and unique insights. It requires an internal culture built around rapid innovation and deep client understanding, and that’s exactly the culture we strive to foster here, day in and day out.

As a company leader, it’s one thing to say, “Workplace culture is important.” It’s quite another to know whether you’re succeeding in creating the type of workplace environment where people can thrive, both professionally and personally. That’s why it was so incredibly gratifying to learn last week that, for the third consecutive year, Resonate has been named a Top Workplace by The Washington Post.

At Resonate, our culture is defined by creativity, problem-solving, motivation, knowledge and intellectual curiosity. These are the qualities we seek out in our employees, and those are the qualities that we strive to foster in our workplace environment.

While all the qualities I mentioned are important, intellectual curiosity, to me, is perhaps the most defining characteristic of every member of our team. After all, we’re in the business of understanding humans—looking beyond demographics and clickstreams to ascertain the values and motivations that truly drive people. How can a company go about such a monumental task if its team is not inherently curious?

I’m proud of the amazing team of intelligent, curious humans that we’ve brought together here at Resonate. While this is exactly the culture we hoped to build at Resonate since Day 1, they’re the ones who have brought it to life. They’re the reason I come to work every day.



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