The Debate and the Undecided Voter

100 million people intend to watch Monday night’s debate showdown. Of the 100 million, the candidates will look to win the undecided voters.

The big question: who are the undecided and what are they listening for?

Resonate data shows that 25 million registered voters online are undecided on who to vote for this cycle and..

52% of undecided registered voters are influenced by debates when deciding on a candidate.  They also are:

  • 35% more likely than the average registered voter to vote for a candidate that demonstrates bipartisanship
  • 32% more likely than the average registered voter to believe the amount of taxes paid by corporations is way too high
  • 34% more likely than the average registered voter to be concerned with local issues when deciding on a candidate
  • 20% more likely to believe free trade agreements hurt the U.S. economy

The Hill reported this week that the first debate between Clinton and Trump promises to be the most watched presidential debate ever. During the debate, we can expect to witness the candidates debate the issues that are most important to undecided voters.

Only Resonate has the most accurate and high quality data to target these voters on the issues that motivate them. Targeting voters based on their values and the issues that persuade them will drive the most efficient and impactful mobilization campaigns.

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