The Wearable Marketing Playbook

Wearable Marketing Playbook

The Wearable Marketing Playbook: Who are Wearable Wear-ers & Want-ers?

Find out what wearable marketing strategy and messaging will work best for different segments

How do you market a product with such a broad audience? Segmentation? Yes. Microsegmentation? Even better. The Resonate Ignite Platform™ allows us to create multi-attribute segments of U.S. consumers for a granular look at niche audiences. Your wearable marketing can be stronger with a data-driven approach.

Your Guide to Marketing to Wearable Wear-ers & Want-ers: Acquire, Expand, and Retain

Download The Wearable Marketer’s Playbook to get to know four key target audiences in the wearable device market and garner insights to help you acquire, expand, and retain their loyalty.

  • All Wearable Users – Americans who use a wearable regularly.
  • Wearable Power Users – Americans who regularly use a wearable and exercise frequently.
  • Wearable Potential Non-Users – Americans who own a wearable, but may not use it regularly, may not see value in owning one, and may not have plans to purchase a new one.
  • Wearable Want-ers – Americans who plan to purchase a wearable in the next 12 months.

Wearable Marketing Playbook

One easy-to-use platform to aggregate, enrich, and scale your marketing data for privacy-safe consumer research and engagement.

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