What Happens if Amazon Opts Out of FLoCs?

According to an article from Digiday this week, it appears Amazon is taking steps to opt out of FLoCs for several of their domains, including amazon.com, wholefoods.com, and others. What does that mean for advertisers and the future of privacy-safe data?

First, let’s back up: what is a FLoC? A FLoC is an anonymized representation of online behavior of a small group and it’s one of the Google proposals for a more privacy forward approach to consumer data. Using a modeling technique called SimHash, Chrome generates groups, or cohorts, of users with similar browsing histories and makes those available for targeting.

So, What Happens if Amazon Opts Out of FLoCs?

Since FLoCs are an integral part of the post-cookie approach to consumer data, what happens if Amazon opts out? To answer that question, we talked to Resonate Chief Technology Officer, Tom Craig. Watch the quick 3-minute video below to learn more about the following:

  • Amazon has started to block participation in FLoCs, which means their domains are not included in these mass observations of online behavior.
  • Chrome is collecting online behavior over tens of thousands of domains to determine which FLoCs a user is a member of. Amazon is only one of those domains.
  • FLoCs only look at top level domains, not actual purchase history or specific behavior.
  • Most normal publishers will likely not follow Amazon’s lead.

Want to continue to stay up to date on the latest news regarding the 2022 cookie deprecation and what it means for brands, advertisers, and more? Check out our post-cookie page here.


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