Democratic and Swing Voters Share Top Concerns, While Republican Voters Focus on Fiscal Issues

September 11, 2014 08:04 AM Eastern Daylight Time

RESTON, Va.— (BUSINESS WIRE) — Resonate, the only company that empowers political campaigns and issue advocacy organizations to act on why people make decisions, today released new insights on the voting patterns and key issues for Floridians this election season. Healthcare is the top issue for Swing voters, with 46 percent citing it as a key issue when evaluating a candidate’s platform. Job creation is close behind with 45 percent, narrowly edging out government spending policies with 43 percent. Swing voters – those who cast votes across party lines – make up 26 percent of Florida’s voters. Republican voters are 32 percent of the state’s registered voters, while 34 percent vote Democrat, and 8 percent other.

“Florida’s gubernatorial race remains a toss-up because of its fractured electorate. They don’t even agree on the top issues”

The majority of Floridian Democratic voters look to a candidate’s platform on Healthcare, with 60 percent agreeing it is key to their voting decision. They also consider a candidate’s stance on job creation (48%) and education (42%) policies. On the other side of the aisle, 59 percent of Republican voters evaluate government spending positions, 55 percent balanced budget, and 50 percent defense & military.

“Florida’s gubernatorial race remains a toss-up because of its fractured electorate. They don’t even agree on the top issues,” said Bryan Gernert, Resonate CEO. “When we drill down to Florida’s 5th Congressional District, for instance, we see a heavier concentration of Democratic voters. And although most statewide swing voters consider a candidate’s position on healthcare, it’s less important to swing voters in this district. In fact, it ranks fifth, behind job creation, government spending, education and balanced budget policies.”

Resonate found that FL-5 has a higher concentration of Democrat voters (45%). Swing and Republican voters each make up 24 percent of the electorate. Though the distributions changed slightly, top issues for Democratic and Republican voters within the district are consistent with statewide voters. But unlike those statewide, more swing voters call education (38%) a key platform issue than healthcare.

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