It’s a big world out there and Millennials are eager to see it all. Wanderlust is strong with this generation as travel is an important personal motivation and they are willing to spend the money on it. But are you confident that you know how they select a travel provider, what sites they use, where they want to go and what’s important to them? And how it changes when you further segment them as individuals vs. an entire generation?

For example, did you know:

  • As you would expect, younger female Millennials use travels site to find the best deal.
  • However, younger Millennial males are more apt to use a travel site to gain loyalty points. Guess they are not as cost conscious!
  • Yet, the total opposite is true between male and female Millennials past the age of 27!

Understanding the differences in what Millennial’s value at an individual level is critical in order to ensure that you’re messaging to them correctly. Our latest infographic highlights the differences in what Millennials look for in when it comes to travel broken out into four sub-segments by age and gender.

Millennial Travel Preferences

Resonate is here to help ensure that your messaging takes into account values, motivations, travel preferences and purchase drivers – at the individual level in order to dramatically increase the likelihood that they keep you top of mind when they plan their next trip.

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