Are You Growing Your Base?

Today’s consumer is more distracted than ever—they are inundated with choices and marketing messages are coming at them from every angle. Companies struggle to break through the noise to acquire new customers and grow revenue. Resonate’s easy-to-use platform provides consumer brands and advertising agencies more robust and dynamic insights on their own best customers, so they can find more. In addition, our deep consumer insights help you understand and engage your competitors’ customers, fueling your competitive displacement strategies.

Resonate’s clients have seen a

68% increase

in reaching the RIGHT people

  • A Luxury Retailer
    A luxury retailer was struggling to find new customers and engage with current clients to boost customer lifetime value in a highly competitive landscape. Consumer preferences change so quickly, and this brand was challenged to keep up. Learn how Resonate helped them discover new customers to pursue, develop a new segmentation strategy and see an 80% increase in website visitors.

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