[Infographic]: How to Capture Today’s Activist Shopper

How to Capture Today’s Activist Shopper

Consumers today are faced with choice overload, and new factors are impacting the buying decisions and shopping behaviors of the modern shopper. Everything from a company’s charity donations to their online reviews influences a consumer’s decision about who they’ll do business with. How can you leverage these factors to gain a competitive edge?

Harnessing powerful insights about who these shoppers are will help brands and retailers build more resonant products and services, create more compelling creative and develop personalized experiences. We analyzed four kinds of shoppers in Resonate’s consumer intelligence platform, and below is an in-depth look at one of those four audiences–the activist shopper.

We looked at three types of activist shoppers: environmental shoppers, ethics shoppers and charitable shoppers. Click here to see the full infographic.

• Infographic showing consumer intelligence on four types of activist shoppers

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