State of the Consumer: How Do the Personal Values of the Overextended, Influenced, and Activists Differ?

The State of the Consumer 2022 launched last week and one of the most thought-provoking pieces is seeing how the values of different consumer vary, how they align, and how you can leverage them to bridge real-world connections.

In our State of the Consumer (SOTC) report, we look at three lenses through which marketers need to approach their messaging, promos, offers, product development, strategy, and more in 2022. These three lenses represent the currents running through present-day consumer sentiment and you likely know someone who falls into one of these categories — you may even identify with one yourself.

The State of the Consumer and Personal Values

The Overwhelmed, Influenced, and Activist consumers represent the current sentiment of consumers. Some consumers may fall into more than one category, but it’s almost guaranteed that each one is present in your customer base.

  • Overwhelmed consumers are tired, burnt out, and at their wit’s end navigating both working full time and parenting. They’ve seen school shutdowns and daycare quarantines. They didn’t sign up for this.
  • Influenced consumers can’t stop scrolling. From their skincare to their pajamas, they’re targeted with social media ads and they’re quick to swipe up. Perhaps they’re dreaming of a day when life is normal again or maybe they’re just bored and looking to shop.
  • Activist consumers vote with their wallets. They’re concerned with corporate responsibility, sustainability, and creating a world that’s better for consumers and employees alike.

So, do their values line up with what we’d expect?

  • Overwhelmed consumers value authority, achievement, and influence. They want to feel that others see them as important, successful, wealthy. They crave posterity and power. It seems like they’re looking for something beyond the doldrums of the four walls of their home — particularly if they’re in there all day with small children and a WFH life.
  • Influenced consumers value conformity, reputation, and stimulation. They want to be like others, which could be what’s leading them to swipe on what others are buying. They care what others think. Stimulation means they crave excitement, so they could be getting a rush each time they hit, ‘add to cart.’
  • Activist consumers value achievement, creativity, and stimulation. Let them feel as if they’ve done their part and achieved one step closer to saving the environment and the world each time they purchase with you.

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Want to learn more and see how these values can align with advertising, messaging, and product development? Download the State of the Consumer 2022 today for an in-depth look at each of these consumers, what drives them, and how values underscore every decision they make.

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