3 Ways You Can Be a Kick-A$$ Data Expert

Become Kick Ass Data Expert

Before the digital age of media, print publishers conducted detailed surveys of their audience, which salespeople would use to sell ad packages to brands. With the rise of digital media and programmatic auctions, advertisers believed in the power of their first-party data, and publisher contextual and audience insights fell by the wayside.

Thankfully, advertisers are realizing the limits of their data and are ready and willing to hear audience stories once again. To serve as a true consultant and partner to advertisers today, publishers must follow these three steps:

Tell a Captivating Audience Story: You need a deep understanding of your audience, beyond surface-level demographics and purchase data. Resonate’s dynamic insights will reveal the motivations and values that drive your audience’s everyday decisions, and help you craft an engaging and updated view of your readers.

Get to Know Your Advertiser’s Audience: To be a true partner to your advertisers, you need to understand their audience just as well, if not better, than they do. Bring their data onto your publishing platform to tell a better, more revealing audience story and raise your relationship from seller to strategic partner.

Understanding Business Objectives: Go beyond KPIs and acquisitions to find out what kind of performance they’re trying to drive. Sometimes, advertisers aren’t even sure beyond clicks and purchases. Highlight potential positive business outcomes and further tighten your partnership.

Publishers are becoming true strategic partners to advertisers through Resonate’s robust consumer insights platform, which has 12,000 attributes describing over 200 million individual U.S.-based adults. Media companies can differentiate themselves in the market by delivering these powerful insights about audiences in several different verticals to current and prospective advertisers. These insights reveal the “why” behind their daily decisions, including their values and motivations.

Learn more about data for publishers and reach out to see Resonate’s consumer insights in action.

This article originally appeared in AdMonsters.

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