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Putting 3rd Party Data Providers to the Test

I was surprised to learn I could be so many people at one time! Disclosure: This is an actual experiment you can try for yourself. We’ll give you some links at the end of this blog. Take a peek – you might be surprised/amused/horrified at who marketers think they really are targeting.  DMPs and 3rd party […]

“CorpSumers” are Voting with Their Wallets

Business 101: the best product at the best price wins, right? Features, convenience, quality and brand reputation drive purchases. Not so for the “CorpSumer.” Enter a powerful new factor…[tweet_dis]33% of Americans base brand decisions on alignment with their personal values[/tweet_dis] A new breed of consumer, coined the “CorpSumer” by MWWPR, comprises one in three Americans. […]

Webinar: How Underlying Consumer Values Impact Engagement

CreditLoan.com Shares their Success Story A-Z In a world of short consumer attention spans and proliferation of media channels, it is more important than ever that your message appeals to consumers’ core and identity – their values, beliefs, motivators and purchase drivers – in order to engage them as individuals and inspire them to convert. […]