3 Ways Agencies Can Make Themselves Indispensable Strategic Partners

beat agency disruption

Agencies were already being disrupted by everything from new tech to consultant competitors to brands going in-house when the pandemic started. For the last couple of years, panic-driven budget cuts, last-minute pivots on campaigns, insane ramp-ups in industries skyrocketing during the pandemic, and the like made a challenging environment more challenging. 

Disruption is the name of the game, but savvy agencies are embracing change to strengthen their overall strategy and become strategic partners for their clients.  

Disruption can be a good thing. Shake things up by: 

Changing your client’s perspective on the consumer

Is your client’s perception of their audience accurate and up to date? Agencies can add immense value to clients at the business level by teaching them how to think about their business from the consumer’s standpoint. If not, seize the opportunity to educate them. Be insights-oriented and lead with information that’s value-driven, not just tactical. Tell them about the values, behaviors, and media diets of their consumers. It will show your clients you’re knowledgeable and willing to go the extra mile.

Reflecting changes happening with consumers in your work

Does your marketing reflect the latest changes in consumer sentiment? With the rise of OTT and changing media habits, are you still reaching audiences in the right places? Consumer behavior is shifting, and so should your marketing and engagement strategies. Whether the task at hand is acquiring new customers or building brand awareness, marketers who understand new audiences, their interests, and sentiments—and apply it to their work—have a unique opportunity to establish and build meaningful relationships between companies and their customers. And that will in turn grow the relationship between the agency and client.

Getting away from using information that is stale and out-of-date

Last year’s data won’t secure this year’s wins; we know this. But that means that, on top of agency disruption, you’re tasked with keeping up with the shifting attitudes, values, and behaviors of consumers – and THEY ARE SHIFTY. Rather than expect consumers to settle into a defined post-pandemic normal, agencies should keep a pulse on the constant evolution of consumer needs and expectations. The most successful agencies rely on a solid foundation of data that keeps up with the current state of consumers. 

Remember to do something with data, instead of drowning in it. 

Plenty of agencies have heaps of audience data, but the key isn’t just having more data. It’s turning data into wisdom—and that wisdom into action. Not all agencies have holding-company pockets to conduct large-scale market research or acquire a consumer analytics company. We’re around so you don’t have to—because your focus is beating agency disruption. Add value for your clients by offering rich, recent, relevant insights while seeing the ROI of their tech investment much faster. 

The Resonate Ignite Platform lets you reach your custom-built audiences at scale. Use our 14,000+ proprietary attributes to create well-defined, multi-attribute segments and deliver individual device IDs to any DSP, DMP, or social platform for activation across all digital channels – then measure its performance and optimize for peak performance.  

Did we mention you can import any of your clients’ 1st- 2nd- or 3rd-party data to enrich it with our insights? That means you can take your clients’ website visitors, for example, tell your client tons more about them, and find thousands of other consumers who fit their profile and would be worth targeting.  

Now, we’re not saying you should go telling your client you know their audience better than they do — but you will. 


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