Custom Research: Don’t Take a Shot in the Dark with Your Data

Custom Research: Don’t Take a Shot in the Dark with Your Data

Think for a minute about your customers. You know them within the four walls of the brand. Maybe you have an idea of their basic demographics, the products they typically buy from your brand and the items they’ve abandoned in their cart.

That information is helpful, but it doesn’t give you the full picture. If you’re making marketing, creative or product decisions based only on static data, you’re missing an opportunity to connect the dots, deepen your relationship with and increase the lifetime value of your customers. You need custom research that lets you get to know the human behind the shopping cart.

Custom Research Opens Up a 360-Degree View of Your Customer

Let’s say you’re a furniture manufacturer. Maybe you know your target consumer is a millennial female with two children and you know her previous purchase was a sofa and a coffee table. You work with the Resonate team to develop hyper-targeted questions to discover interest and preferences around modern furniture, dining table preferences, home improvement projects and renovation plans.

Now you combine these custom questions with the real-time insights available within the Resonate Ignite Platform. You now know she values creativity and tradition, eats dinner with her family every evening, is driven by living an exciting life, buys products based on convenience and has been quarantining at home during the pandemic. You’ve found out she’s interested in making a home purchase in the next 90 days.

How could these next-level insights change the game for your messaging and marketing decisions? How could they inform your email marketing? Your product development? Brands you choose to carry? The opportunities for customization are endless.

Want to learn more? Read our latest guide, Level Up Your Insights with Connected, Custom Research.

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