The Data Food Court Experience

Last time I talked about the recent trends of Farm to Table dining as it relates to data selection for marketers to create yummy marketing. Today, I’m going to focus on the food court model, and by extension, DMPs.

Food Courts provide diner choice options that appeal to everyone and are centrally located to maximize foot traffic. The key to a Food Court being successful is having options that appeal to every kind of diner. Even the Plaza Hotel has a food court because at the end of the day everyone gets hungry, (although they call it a “Hall” because, well… pretentious).

The DMP can be considered the Food Court of AdTech. They are the mall owner, renting space to any data provider who can provide a critical mass of data options to users. In a DMP, marketers can choose from 160,000 segments connected to inventory supply (foot traffic, if you will). The data Food Court is a critical infrastructure point for any marketer. It may feel like fried food du jour sometimes, but it makes execution easy and enables segment-based marketing. For marketers, there are clear benefits to using a DMP. You can price-shop for the lowest costing cookie, sample data cheaply or review indexes for free. Your agency can easily find something (anything) to define an audience, or you can bring your own data from home and just sit at an available table.

All of this choice comes with a cost for marketers. With a practically infinite set of choices available for how to target a cookie, marketers are sampling each audience in the Food Court, trying to understand how to best deliver the right message to the right person. But what they really need is a persistent, consumer insights layer to guide their choices. Whether it’s a decision between chicken tacos, szechaun chicken, or the BBQ chicken pizza, what they really want when it comes down to it is always the chicken. Or – in data terms – maybe it is the 35 year old woman who believes in climate change, is a mother of two kids under the age of 10, and consults with her financial advisor frequently,

At Resonate, we enable brands to develop a sophisticated understanding of consumers through our proprietary, census-scale survey data and contextual analysis of internet behavior on 90% of the US online population – on an individual level. We are offering our clients foundational ground truth from which they can plan their marketing to actual people – who have values, beliefs and motivational drivers – guiding their journey through the Food Court with proven insights and understandings. We partner with DMPs like Adobe Audience Manager and BlueKai to enable the marketer to ensure that their marketing is yummy.

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