Finding Victory in the Florida Primaries: 2022 Key Voter Insights

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Florida has been one of the nation’s political spotlights since the last election cycle, hosting cultural war battles and other vigorous debates surrounding contentious issues like vaccines and early childhood education curriculums. Much of Florida’s backyard drama spurred major midterm issues nationally that could make or break primary candidates in close races vying for the party loyal.  

With the late Florida primary slated for August 23rd, campaigns in tighter elections will need to be almost flawless in their segmenting, targeting, and messaging strategies. With the amount of political tribalism and issues-driven media attention, the Sunshine State has illuminated niche pockets of influential primary midterm voters broken out throughout the state—pockets with passion and numbers formidable enough to propel campaigns to victory margins. 

That’s why, at Resonate, we scaled our 2022 Primary Election Voter Landscape to Florida, allowing our AI to identify niche, decisive Democratic and Republican primary voter segments based on the insights that are actually informing their candidate choices TODAY in the current election environment.   

This data goes far beyond just party affiliation or historical behavior, so campaigns can accurately analyze and target consequential segments with precision in the final days.

Florida New Deal Democrats 

Resonate has identified 1.4M New Deal Democrats in Florida, an absolute can’t miss voter segment for close primary campaigns.  

The New Deal Democrats are the oldest liberal voting segment in the entire state (40% of this audience is 65+). It may surprise you that the majority are primarily female voters. They’re also more educated and financially better off than your average Democratic primary voter. 

Florida Voter Insights: New Deal Democrats

Out of all the Democratic segments, the New Deal Democrats have the highest vaccination rate in the state. In addition to being the oldest Democratic primary segment, this audience is the most socialist leaning. When it comes to the issues that these voters will choose candidates on, the most important are environmental policies, entitlement benefits, and cultural war issues like abortion.

Florida Democrats Voter Data

The importance of this Florida primary Democratic segment can’t be underestimated—especially because there are 1.5M of these high-propensity older voters in the state ready to decide elections come August. 

Florida Bro-publicans  

Resonate has identified 1.2M Bro-publicans in Florida, the youngest Republican primary voter segment in the state.  

The Bro-publican in Florida is a modern-day young Republican voter (25% are aged 35-44) driven by acquiring wealth, being admired for their abilities, and being in positions of power. Think of your Jordan Peterson and Joe Rogan podcast listeners. 

Florida Voter Insights: Bro-Publicans

Consider that Florida Bro-publicans are 31% more likely to vote in the primaries than your average Florida Republican voter.   

When it comes to the issues, Bro-publicans will choose their midterm candidates based on their positions on immigration, job creation, and homeland security/military issues. 

Niche Florida Voters

The Florida Bro-publican is a young, energized, high-turnout voter in the Sunshine State. For Republican campaigns needing an edge down the stretch, engaging with this online audience could make a critical difference.  

Interested in learning more about the Florida New Deal Democrats, the Bro-publicans, or other segments that will directly impact the upcoming primaries? Download your copy of the 2022 Primary Election Voter Landscape. 

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