Resonate Research Unveils Key New Consumer Profiles: Eager vs. Cautious Travelers

Consumer Intelligence Firm’s New Travel Report Breaks Down the Differing Values, Motivations and Preferences of Americans Who Are Planning vs. Delaying Travel Right Now

RESTON, Va., June 03, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — According to a just-released travel report from consumer intelligence firm Resonate, the leading provider of A.I.-driven consumer data and analytics, 46% of consumers already feel safe traveling within their state and 32% feel safe traveling to a different state—percentages that are rising quickly as COVID-19 vaccination rates climb nationwide. But as the research also uncovered, there are important distinctions between “Eager Travelers” and “Cautious Travelers” that brands need to understand when it comes to communicating with these audiences in the coming months.

Resonate’s new report, “The Travel and Hospitality Marketer’s Playbook: Insights to Ignite Travel in a New Normal,” takes an in-depth look at the travelers who are eager to jump back on planes or hit the road now, as well as the travelers who will need reassurances and time before booking a trip. In addition, it details how leisure and business travel recovery differs in light of consumers’ attitudes, what travelers expect once they’ve arrived at their destination, and whether airline and hotel loyalty is a deciding factor for post-pandemic travelers.

“Some travelers might be ready to book a quick overnight one state over, and others might be ready to jump on a plane and fly cross-country for a two-week vacation. Marketers need an up-to-date, granular data set to effectively address traveler readiness—or lack of readiness, in some cases–to capitalize during this critical transitional time,” said Bryan Gernert, Chief Executive Officer of Resonate.

“At every stage of the pandemic, Resonate has been committed to delivering precisely these kinds of person-level insights to help marketers keep pace with ever-evolving consumer behavior and sentiment.”

Findings of the new report are based on insights from Resonate’s real-time, granular consumer intelligence, which provides organizations with a understanding of and ability to reach 200 million consumers at the individual level, both via advertising and by appending the proprietary, privacy-safe Resonate Element data set to any CRM, first- or third party data set. Highlights of the report include the following:

  • Eager Travelers are 10% more likely to take 4-6 international trips a year, and 47% of them are completely or very likely to get the COVID-19 vaccine if they haven’t already.
  • The top hobbies of Eager Travelers include going to the beach, lake vacations, hiking and camping.
  • 29% of Eager Travelers book through travel sites when they want to get the best deals.
  • Eager Travelers are most likely to book a flight with Southwest or American Airlines and stay with Hampton Inn or Hilton.
  • Cautious Travelers are 45% more likely than the average American to believe it will be more than a year before life is back to normal.
  • When Cautious Travelers do resume their vacations, you’ll find them at Holiday Inn or Marriott and booking a flight with American Airlines or Delta.
  • Eager Travelers crave stimulation and excitement, while Cautious Travelers are focused on safety as a top value.
  • 20% of both Eager and Cautious Travelers cancelled flights during the pandemic.
  • 21% of both Eager and Cautious Travelers say their likelihood to review a cancellation policy has increased.
  • 15% of all Americans say they’ll start traveling when they see others travel.

Resonate’s unprecedented COVID-19 research, which includes insights into travel attitudes and a wide variety of other consumer behaviors and motivations, is being made available, free of charge, to help brands and organizations during this challenging time. Learn more about Resonate’s research and The Travel and Hospitality Marketer’s Playbook: Insights to Ignite Travel in a New Normal,.

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