[Video] Universal Identifiers (UIDs): Explanation and FAQs

Universal Identifiers (UIDs): Explanation and FAQs

Everything marketers need to know about Universal Identifiers (UIDs) and their crucial role in post-cookie marketing and advertising.

With cookie deprecation looming, you’ve likely heard Universal Identifiers propped up as a cookie replacement. The industry is hard at work creating solutions that replace cookies and maintain your marketing and advertising use cases. As more updates roll out, here’s what you need to know.

Universal Identifiers are identifiers that are mapped to an individual user

UIDs are generated by obtaining an email address and using a one-way hashing algorithm to generate the id. An email may be gathered when a user logs into a website, when a user trades an email to unlock content, or when a user buys a product.

Universal identifiers differ from third-party cookies

UIDs require user consent, are cryptographically secure, and cannot be mapped back to personally identifiable information, like name or gender.

There are many different companies offering Universal ID solutions at the moment including Liveramp, The Trade Desk, ID5, LiveIntent, and several others. Each may be generated differently, and are likely to include different pools of users.

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