Spring Cleaning: It’s Time to Renew Your Advertising Strategies

Springtime is here, and with it comes classic activities of renewal and growth, like spring cleaning and home improvement. Now’s the time for you to renew your advertising strategies and clean house of things that just don’t work anymore, like general ad campaigns based on old data. Precision targeting is crucial to deploying an effective ad campaign and to developing successful digital marketing strategies. To perform better than you have before in 2024, you need nuanced consumer insights that don’t just tell you who you’re targeting, but why and how. Let’s look at three key consumer segments to target this spring.

The Home Improvement Enthusiasts Resonate Segment:

Home Improvement Enthusiasts are individuals who are actively planning to renovate or upgrade their living spaces. They exhibit a strong preference for shopping both in-person at various home improvement stores and online. Some of them are also careful financial planners who have spent time setting aside money to invest in their homes or prepare for retirement, which indicates they’ve started thinking about and researching prices, materials, and brands for their projects long before they click “add to cart” or walk into the store.

This audience has already started spending, and they’re prepared to make a big investment. Resonate data shows they’re twice as likely as the baseline American adult population to have spent over $1,000 at home improvement stores in the last three months. Over half of them are heading to the store to do some in-person shopping, and they’re twice as likely as the average adult online consumer to buy products from the Home Depot, Ace Hardware, and Lowe’s websites when they do shop online.

The Gardens Audience Resonate Segment:

The Gardens Audience is all about family and steadfastness. They place a strong emphasis on values like reliability, trustworthiness, family connections, community safety, and environmental conservation–suggesting that brands that incorporate these values into their messaging and advertising will get the most attention from this segment. Our insights also indicate many members of the Gardens Audience are planning significant family-oriented events like marriages and welcoming new children.

This audience isn’t just planning what to buy, but many of them already know where they’re going to go to get it: Resonate data indicates they’re twice as likely to be planning to shop for home improvement items at Lowe’s. This gives you valuable insight into who your major competitor for members of the Gardens Audience segment is.

The Interior Design Audience Segment:

This audience is characterized by strong values related to family care, community well being, trustworthiness, and safety; our insights suggest they’re likely homeowners who are planning home improvements and who also have significant life events, like weddings and child adoption, in their near futures. The Interior Design Audience spends money moderately rather than excessively, and they’re very tech-savvy when it comes to shopping.

This audience is actively in the market for home improvement items. They’re over twice as likely to have a major home renovation in the works, and they’re already thinking about what they want to purchase

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