Real Segments

Hello, RealSegments.

Are you sure you’re really reaching and engaging the right people?

Reaching your target customers is the single most important job of any marketer, and it is a job that never ends. RealSegments shows whether you are effectively reaching your target customer segments or personas by continuously measuring and monitoring your marketing performance across all of your digital touchpoints.


What can RealSegments do for you?

Resonate’s RealSegments enables you to continuously assess, in real time, how well your digital marketing plan is adhering to your segmentation strategies. By showing you where you can shift dollars to higher performing channels and partners, RealSegments provides transparency into your media effectiveness and holds partners accountable for results. Use this new platform feature to avoid wasted media spend, re-calibrate creative design and messaging, and understand which segments are driving the most conversions.

Don’t have a segmentation strategy in place? We can help you build one in less than a month at a drastically lower cost compared to traditional segmentation creation.

Let’s take a closer look:

Drive more revenue through your marketing funnel

Ensure you’re actually reaching your target segments throughout every step of your digital marketing funnel. Discover who else is engaging with your brand that you weren’t aware of before.

Optimize media spend and reduce waste

Measure campaign performance across all channels including digital media, website and email. Uncover which media partners are truly reaching the people that matter most to you. Validate the effectiveness of different creative design and messaging.

Know what’s working, what’s not and why

Reduce time in understanding how your segments are performing in terms of conversions, product line and more. Rejuvenate segments that have lost momentum.

Activate your defined segments at scale

With RealSegments, defining segments and personas no longer has to be an occasional, big ticket exercise. It is a continuous process that constantly improves marketing effectiveness. Unlike the personas or segments an agency would create, you can activate against your custom segments online with precision using our suite of Activation products.

Reach and Understand your Customers at an Individual “People” Level

Don’t settle for segment definitions that must be selected from a vendor’s pre-determined list – you deserve better. Instead, we can help you define and refine your unique customer segments in our platform by mapping them to our 7,000+ consumer attributes. Rather than follow the industry standard of household level data, we model attributes at the individual level. Pinpoint your best customers using the largest, most accurate proprietary pool of consumer data on more than 175 million US adults.

RealSegments defines your target segments by combining traditional demographic attributes like age, gender, income, life stage, and online behavior with Resonate’s rich attitudinal, motivational and value attributes. Want to get even more specific? Resonate can work with you to create new custom attributes with our largest-in-the-nation consumer survey.

Customize Your Segments Even Further

Enhance your RealSegments using Custom Questions

Is there something unique about your audience that you want to specifically target against? Do you want to screen for a specific feature or attribute for your brand, campaign or cause? Now you can.

Here’s an example: imagine you want to find out whether a target segment cares more about the hotel fitness center, late night menu or pool facilities. Simply include your questions into our survey using Custom Questions. We’ll start gathering data to extract a deeper understanding of those attributes so you can target those specific people across your various digital touch points.

Let’s get Real.

Whether you have a segmentation strategy or not, RealSegments can help. Schedule a demo today.