[New Data] Americans Continue to Walk the Line Between Anxious and Eager

Things seem to be speeding back up, but life is different—your customers are different. Not only are we still navigating the pandemic, but we’re also figuring out how to stay healthy, save and spend money in an uncertain economy, navigate a changing workforce, and still manage to live our best lives. To keep up with these changes in behavior, you need the freshest, easiest-to-use data that differentiates buyer sentiment across verticals. This report contains the latest consumer research your business needs to inform marketing, CX, product development, creative, messaging, and more.  

That’s why we’re sharing some key insights from our new report — so you can turn them into action immediately and craft a winning strategy.  

Key Insights and US Consumer Data from Resonate’s Wave 21 Report  

About the Report: Resonate’s proprietary coronavirus and current events data is released monthly and connected to our core data set with thousands of critical consumer data points. This latest Recent Events Connected Flash Study was fielded between October 4 and October 27, 2021, and is scaled to 230 million US consumers.

Extreme economic anxiety is up 22% from late summer to fall  

Despite a slight decrease in health concerns in the US, Americans are feeling extremely anxious about the state of our economy. These opposing insights show us how concerns about the virus make themselves apparent in various ways across finance, retail, work, and health. 

Overall, to what extent are you concerned about economic-related consequences of the coronavirus situation? 

consumer data shows Americans are 22% more anxious

11% increase in employees who can return to the office but choose to stay home  

While we closely monitor the workforce, we can almost dispel the myth of the remote worker on the move — reports continue showing employees are NOT relocating. But, don’t expect all of them back at the office. More workers are opting to work from home if given the option. 

Which of the following best describes your work situation? 

Consumer research shows Americans want WFH

Those spending above pre-pandemic levels up 9% from September  

Our report shows that not only have American savings accounts dipped from pre-pandemic saving, but also spending at pre-pandemic levels is up a whopping 9%. This could be a sign of consumer panic or optimism, depending on how you spin it.   

Compared to what you were doing before the coronavirus situation, how would you say your spending habits have changed? 

Report shows pre-pandemic level spending spike

Do you have the consumer data you need to stay relevant? 

The freshest, deepest consumer research data has never been more critical. As consumer habits, preferences, and values change, your marketing needs to change, too. That’s why Resonate’s coronavirus and current events flash study data is released regularly. For trending insights on where US consumer sentiment and behaviors currently stand and how they’ve shifted since 2020, download the full report: Resonate COVID-19 and Emerging Trends Report, Wave 21, November 2021. 

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