What’s Hot, What’s Not: Telehealth, Staying Put & Saving $$ Are Top-of-Mind for Consumers

Emerging Trends Report for the New Year

We’re mere days away from 2023. It’s been a whirlwind of a year, with everything from inflation to mpox to Roe v. Wade continuing to offer up uncertainty. As we head into the New Year, we’re looking at the latest real-time data on what Americans are thinking, doing, and buying in the Resonate Recent Events & Emerging Trends Report to find out what’s hot (and not) for consumers. High-level insights show that Americans want to continue to have access to telehealth services, they don’t want to move for a job, and they are resolving to save more in 2023. 

HOT: Access to Telehealth 

Telehealth services remove barriers, such as distance and staffing shortages, to healthcare and have become the norm for how providers offer services. Americans, many of whom had not experienced telehealth services prior to the pandemic, want to keep it. But these telehealth flexibilities are set to lapse once the COVID public health emergency ends in January 2023. Additionally, some states – and some types of providers – have already been rolling back telehealth access gradually and quietly over the past few months. Consumers are concerned. 

How concerned are you about telehealth options becoming more limited due to states rolling back policies that made using telehealth easier during the pandemic? 

Consumers are concerned about access to Telehealth services

(Source: Resonate Recent Events Consumer Flash Study, Dec 2022)


It’s important for regulatory bodies, lawmakers, and healthcare providers to understand consumer sentiment about accessibility to healthcare and changes to telehealth benefits in 2023. Resonate Health offers best-in-class, privacy-compliant healthcare data and reveals what Americans value, and their motivations, behavior, and intent. Access Resonate Health here. 

NOT: Relocating for a New Job 

In 2019, most of us wouldn’t have considered moving thousands of miles away from our company’s home office and staying employed. In 2020 and 2021, that changed, with many Americans choosing to live in less expensive areas and working remotely. And, times have changed again. In the continued tight job market (despite recent layoffs), Americans are not willing to move for a job. They want to — and likely will — stay put.  

Given that your work situation has enabled you to work from home, are you planning to relocate in the next 6 months but maintain your current job? 

New Resonate Data on Job Migration Consumer Trends

(Source: Resonate Recent Events Consumer Flash Study, Dec 2022)


HOT: Smart Spending in the New Year 

While losing weight or working out more is at the top of the list for 2023 New Year’s resolutions, tough economic times have shifted consumer priorities. 35.2% state saving more or spending less is one of their New Year’s resolutions. Intentional spending is set to be an important trend as inflation continues to drive the market. 

Which of the following New Year’s resolutions are you considering, if any, for next year? 

Emerging Trends Report November 2022 | New Year's Resolutions

(Source: Resonate Recent Events Consumer Flash Study, Dec 2022)


Do you have the consumer data you need to stay HOT in 2023? 

2023 will have its unique challenges, but it will also offer new opportunities for growth and evolution. The freshest, deepest consumer research data has never been more critical. As consumer habits, preferences, and values change, your marketing needs to change, too. Your ability to adjust your strategy to align with consumer sentiment and behavior is paramount to your success in a challenging market. 

Download the full consumer trends report here to learn more about how consumers are reacting and adapting to the economy, public health, the job market, and more—and use it to inform your messaging entering the new year.  

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