Resonate Releases New Analytics Tools To Help Agencies Win New Business and Align Strategy, Creative and Media Teams

Audience Builder and Market Positioning deliver insights about brand’s current and potential clients via access to the nation’s most complete audience understanding platform

NEW YORK — (BUSINESS WIRE) — Resonate, the only company that empowers marketers to understand and act on why people make decisions, today added Audience Builder and Market Positioning capabilities to Resonate Analytics for agency clients. These capabilities deliver agencies a deeper understanding of audiences based on the combination of individual motivations – including values and purchase drivers – along with demographic and behavioral data. Resonate Analytics is accessible via an intuitive, shareable, web-based dashboard and is unique in its ability to connect insights on consumer decision-making with individual targeting across display, mobile, social and video advertising.

“Marketing and media agencies are under tremendous pressure. In this hyper-competitive environment, CMOs are demanding ever-increasing ROI and the need to use data to drive performance has never been greater”

“Marketing and media agencies are under tremendous pressure. In this hyper-competitive environment, CMOs are demanding ever-increasing ROI and the need to use data to drive performance has never been greater,” said Michael Horn, Resonate VP of Research & Analytics and former SVP at Universal McCann “With Resonate Analytics, we are giving agencies consumer insights that in the past would have required the long leads times and high cost of custom research. Strategy, insights and planning teams can now get a dynamic view into any customer segment desired, including what causes them to act, effectively ‘pre-optimizing’ campaigns and pitches.”

With Resonate Analytics, agencies are not limited to pre-canned segments and can choose from the thousands of dimensions of consumer understanding that comprise the Resonate data, such as:

  • Consumer values including personal freedom, doing things for others and doing things for fun
  • Product preferences such as cost-effective, dependable and innovative
  • Shopping preferences such as importance of a frequent shopper program, location convenience and return policy

For example an agency pitching a new beauty client can go beyond generic demographics and understand quantitatively the differences amongst those 18+ women who purchase beauty products because they care specifically about Reliability (39.6%), or Pleasure (10.8%), or Style (10.5%), or Pragmatism (33.5%). Messaging and creative strategy can be developed from these insights and media plans tailored and optimized only to reach those in the chosen segment.

Agencies can deliver greater value to existing clients and become more competitive in new business pitches by:

  • Mapping messages to the motivations and values of target customers and then optimizing both creative and targeting to improve performance
  • Understanding what drives key customers — or competitors’ customers — to buy and then develop more specific positioning recommendations
  • Deepening understanding of customer segments and surfacing the products and services that create more loyal customers
  • Providing deeper reporting on the reasons why specific advertising or messaging is or isn’t drawing customers to ads or Web site content

“Winning and retaining business means helping clients truly understand their customers. The insights we have gotten, and the strategies we’ve been able to create using Resonate, have helped us deliver smarter marketing solutions to our clients,” said Jackie Stasi, Founder – Nuance Digital Marketing. “What would typically take months in fielding proprietary research has been reduced to minutes with Resonate Analytics.”

Resonate conducts the largest primary research studies in the United States, mapping terabytes of daily behavioral data to 15,000 monthly in-depth surveys that capture thousands of unique consumer attributes to creating the company’s extensive database of human motivations. Tapping into this on-demand database allows agency planners, media teams, CMOs and brand managers to understand opportunities in the market, develop unique consumer segments, and develop and optimize more personal messaging, creative and delivery for those segments.

Resonate Analytics is available now. Learn more at

About Resonate:

Resonate is the only company to empower brand, political and cause marketers to identify and engage with audiences based on the reasons behind people’s actions. Combining the latest big data technologies with proven research and analytic techniques, Resonate powers motivation-based analytics and targeting across all digital media channels. The ability to deliver advertising based on an individual’s social and personal values and product purchase preferences goes beyond simple demographics to achieve greater engagement, campaign results and customer insight. For more information visit


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