State of the Consumer Reveals New Retail and Media Attitudes Driving Today’s Disrupted Consumers

New Research from Leading Consumer Intelligence Platform Delivers Insights to Help Brands Keep Pace with Pandemic-Preoccupied Shoppers


RESTON, Va., March 24, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Resonate, the leading provider of A.I.-driven consumer data and analytics, today released its latest State of the Consumer Report, which examines the behavior, sentiment, and values that are guiding the purchasing behavior and media consumption of today’s disrupted consumers. Specifically, the research analyzes thousands of proprietary, privacy-safe data points on topics including consumer activism and brand alignment, current shopping preferences and behaviors, and the impact of personal values on decision-making.

“The past year has upended daily life for Americans in every way imaginable, and brands have struggled to stay relevant in a world where their customers are constantly bombarded with breaking news. Consumer values are being put to the test, and meaningful human relationships look quite a bit different than they have at any other point in history,” said Bryan Gernert, Chief Executive Officer of Resonate. “At the very beginning of the pandemic, Resonate committed to helping organizations keep pace in this unprecedented, constantly evolving reality. Now, a year later, we’re pleased to say that we have the most comprehensive, real-time, human-level insights available in this regard, and this State of the Consumer Report reflects exactly that.”

The findings of Resonate’s new report reveal how the disruption of the past 12 months has facilitated consumers’ fundamental shift to the digital ecosystem. E-commerce is now simply commerce. The reality of the disrupted consumer, who lives in a state of continued crisis, has tremendous implications on a brand’s ability to engage, acquire and retain them. Resonate’s State of the Consumer Report explores this new reality in detail and, on a more granular level, includes a number of new insights into the disrupted consumer’s decision-making process, including the following:

  • They’re worried about the pandemic—but not necessarily on a micro-level. An emotional awareness in messaging is necessary but should be focused on the country at large — not whether they’re personally going to contract the virus or see an impact on their own paycheck.
  • 66% of consumers believe it will be more than 6 months before we’re back to normal. This group is more likely than the average American to value duty, which means they are likely to adhere to restrictions while they’re in place.
  • They’re walking the walk of a COVID-cautious consumer. These consumers aren’t just saying they’re concerned about the pandemic; they’re also taking action by avoiding physical stores and ordering products online.

The State of the Consumer Report’s insights are mined from the human-level attributes in the AI-driven Resonate Ignite Platform™. To fuel the platform, Resonate runs the largest continuous National Consumer Study™, garnering 13,000+ fresh insights about Americans including their values, motivations, behaviors, product preferences, political views and media consumption. Resonate then leverages cutting-edge AI to combine the survey responses with over 10 billion observations of consumer interactions, daily. Resonate understands 200 million+ profiles of American consumers that are continuously updated to provide the freshest view of each consumer. This dynamic understanding is available for real-time analysis and hyper-relevant targeting through the Resonate Ignite Platform™.

The 2021 State of the Consumer further explores:

  • Who is the disrupted consumer and what do they value?
  • How has the retail experience evolved?
  • What is the impact and influence of social media when it’s a primary form of connection?
  • When tensions run high, should brands speak out?
  • Who were the brand category winners and losers of 2020? What does that mean for 2021?

You can download Resonate’s full State of the Consumer Report here.

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