Which States Have the Most Tequila Drinkers Nationwide?

Cinco de Mayo, it’s a holiday that celebrates a Mexican military victory over the French army in 1862, however, in the United States, it’s a holiday that unites tequila drinkers nationwide. Which got us thinking…what does tequila consumption look like across the country? Are there certain states more likely to reach for the tequila?

So, break out the margaritas, because we’re taking a look at the fresh consumer research data within the Ignite Platform™ to learn who’s likely to pour at a tequila shot this evening. 

Which States Have the Most Tequila Drinkers Nationwide?

Leading the tequila drinkers nationwide is California, where 10% of American consumers who have consumed tequila within the last 3 months reside. Texas, Florida, New York, and Illinois follow close behind.

Bringing up the bottom of the pack, we have: Vermont, Arkansas, Wyoming, North Dakota, and South Dakota.

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Who Are the Tequila Drinkers Across the Country?

Demographically speaking, women are more likely than men to break out the limes and salt, and, not surprisingly, it’s a younger audience — 25 to 34 — who is most likely to have downed tequila in the past three months. This is a high-earning group, with 33% earning over $100,000 annually. Additionally, a majority of them do not have children and they are 26% more likely than the average American to work full-time.

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Source: Resonate Ignite Platform™

What Do Tequila Drinkers Value?

Knowing where your target audiences are located and what they look like demographically is great if you’re a tequila company. You know where to run your ad spots and focus your distribution. But, if you want to connect with consumers — if you want to stand out on a shelf full of tequila brands — you need to go deeper.

Resonate’s holistic consumer research insights dive into the personal values that drive customer decisions and give advertisers the data necessary to hyper-target messaging and creative that builds brand connection, loyalty, and love.

When it comes to all tequila drinkers, their top values are living a life full of excitement, novelties, and challenge, maintaining a good public image, and maintaining traditions. These are values that you can draw into messaging that emphasizes excitement, adventure, and tradition.

tequila consumption nationwide - tequila drinkers value

Source: Resonate Ignite Platform™

Take a look at this ad spot for Hornitos® Tequila. It emphasis several of the above values in its Shot Worth Taking creative: excitement, challenge, thrilling experiences, adventure, and maintaining an impressive reputation.

However, this values-driven data is part of what you can leverage to build effective microsegmentation. While stimulation, reputation, and tradition may be the top values of nationwide tequila drinkers, that’s not necessarily the case regionally. Here’s what the data shows us:

  • California: Pleasure, stimulation, nature
  • Texas: Caring, humility, stimulation
  • Florida: Pleasure, caring, safety
  • New York: Pleasure, stimulation, tolerance
  • Illinois: Caring, dependability, stimulation

These quick data points on values demonstrate that, while all these consumers may enjoy a smooth resposado or añjeo, the messaging and creative that will resonate them can vary from one region to another. Careful microsegmentation and targeting is critical to connect with each consumer on an individual level.

So, go pour yourself a margarita this evening and then let’s talk about how Resonate’s deep consumer insights could help you target the right customers and prospects.

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