Resonate data shows there are over 5 million registered voters this cycle who will vote for Congress in the general election, although leave the top of the ticket blank.

We took a look at how Resonate intelligence can help campaigns, especially down-ballot races, find, target and win the millions of voters who intend to vote for Congress but not for President.

When compared to the average voter, these voters are:

  • 41% more likely to be involved in local issues and 50% more likely to have voted in at least half of the state/local/city general elections in the past 10 years, a key insight for local campaigns.
  • 53% more likely to have been a swing voter in recent elections.
  • 45% more likely to consider crime and law enforcement a top platform when considering a candidate.
  • 18% more likely to vote for a candidate based on their tax policy platform.
  • 40% less likely to be influenced by social media when deciding on a candidate and 16% more likely to be influenced by online or print newspapers.
  • 19% more likely to believe ease of access to guns is responsible for mass gun violence.

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