Case Study: How to Increase Publisher Advertising Value

blog: how to increase publisher advertising value with Resonate data

How publisher Las Vegas Review-Journal increases advertising value with hyper-targeted audience personas built from deep, real-time data

The Las Vegas Review-Journal uses Resonate’s deep, real-time data on U.S. consumers to increase advertising value and ultimately expand and retain client relationships.

Read on to learn how publisher advertising revenue grows by optimizing ad spend and how to reach high-value audiences with a data-driven approach.

When Clients Understand Data, They Understand Publisher Advertising Value

The Review-Journal notices a strong correlation between advertising clients who understand the value of compelling audience data, and clients who stick around. These clients tend to run longer advertising campaigns, invest more budget across multiple channels and renew relationships over time.

“If we get clients to recognize and understand the value of data, they tend to stay on with us longer.”
– Tom Heaton, Senior Advertising Director, Las Vegas Review-Journal

Unsurprisingly, businesses with higher site traffic tend to invest more time into understanding that traffic. For publishers, this is a big win. Bring that data into the Resonate Ignite Platform™ and enrich it with real-time, granular insights to give your client a holistic, human view of the consumer behind the pageview.

“Resonate helps us lend more insight to the business lifeline of site traffic and make a stronger connection to other areas of their business.”
– Tom Heaton, Senior Advertising Director, Las Vegas Review-Journal

The Review-Journal shows advertisers the value in partnering with them over competitors: access to Resonate data. For data-savvy businesses, they’re immediately wowed. For others, this presents an opportunity for education on the value of deep, targeted audiences.

“Clients who really want to dig into audience data tend to have a deep level of trust and aren’t likely going anywhere.”
– Tom Heaton, Senior Advertising Director, Las Vegas Review-Journal

Winning Publisher Proposals and Higher Advertising Value: Built on Resonate’s Deep, Targeted Personas Segments

So, how does Las Vegas Review-Journal put Resonate’s fresh audience data to work? One way is baking fleshed-out personas right into their proposals: Here’s your main target persona. Do you want to learn more about the other personas that exist in your audience?

For example, the Review-Journal might show a new home builder that, based on the builder’s site traffic, they have three main segments: Move Uppers (those moving out of the city, recently had a kid), Move Towners (established families, looking for a new home base), and Move Downers (empty nesters looking for a smaller place). The proposal compiles these audiences and the traits of each, showing what they look like and how to best target them for the lowest CPC or CPA.

A larger home builder may have pre-existing segments they’d like to reach based on what they’ve seen in their own data. The Review-Journal can take that data and see what each segment looks like in their market, layering on more data and saying “We can target here and here – here’s a campaign for you.”

For smaller businesses, they may have an idea of their general target audience, but the enriched data in the Resonate Ignite Platform™ shows who’s actually visiting their site. They may want to reach Millennial Builders, but it turns out their biggest audience is the Move Downers – you help them see what their audience actually looks like and avoid wasted budget.

“With Resonate, we’re able to give advertisers more guidance on who to go after than they could get elsewhere.”
– Tom Heaton, Senior Advertising Director, Las Vegas Review-Journal

Holistic personas are a sticky addition to any proposal and when they lead to cost savings and conversions, advertisers will stick by a publisher’s side.

Data Dive: Deliver Targeted Messaging Built on Similar, But Different, Segments

Let’s see how the differences shake out between two segments in the Resonate Ignite Platform™ – those planning to build a home in the next year and are under 40, and those who are over 40.

Resonate data on home builders_publisher advertiser value copy

The Resonate Ignite Platform™ allows you to build multi-attribute audiences for granular analysis and hyper-targeted engagement.
Percent Composition is the distribution, or proportion, of those in an audience who have that specific trait.
Index indicates how likely this audience is to possess a trait, or attribute, as compared to the baseline of the U.S. online adult population, with 100 representing average.
Addressable refers to the estimate size of devices available for activation in the Resonate Ignite Platform™

You can see that the values and motivators of these audiences — what underpins every decision they make, including the brands they trust — are not the same. With this data, you’re able to reach these exact segments on your channels, and you advise advertisers on values-driven messaging that will resonate.

How to Increase Publisher Advertising Value and Boost Revenue

Our AI-driven data helps publishers help their clients lower CPC or CPA, convert site traffic to leads, and open their eyes to a more complete and accurate view of their customer base.

Forrester found Resonate customers see 304% ROI, 20% time savings, and record revenue growth – think of what your team could do with those savings.

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