More Data isn’t Always Better, but Better Data is

Supercharge your performance with AI-powered data

Modern marketers know that data is the key to success. However, they also know that collecting data organically is a long, taxing process. With that tedium comes challenges that keep marketers in a vicious cycle of collecting more data to try to keep pace with dynamic consumers. More data isn’t always better — but better data is. 

So, what do you do when you need to elevate your team’s marketing strategy but need access to more data to create a fuller picture of your consumer to do so? You invest in data append services.  

Elevate Your Marketing without Wasting Money 

Too much money is wasted on low-performing campaigns. If your current consumer data is lacking a robust picture of your customer and the competition’s customer, or if it is last month’s snapshot of them, you aren’t getting the right message to the right audience at the right time. By appending your current data with insights relevant to your brand and industry, you can quickly create a significant boost to your messaging and your ability to reach and engage your audience. 

Imagine you represent a bank previously focused on hyperlocal outreach for its flagship branch. Now, the bank is opening four new locations in different states. You could look at your current demographics and try to recreate them in your new locations. But do you really know enough about your current regulars to create those lookalike audiences? You can append your data with robust banking data — including psychographics, sentiment, preferences and behaviorsto identify and target the humans who look like your best customers in those new locations before you open. 

The more your organization understands your consumer, the better your sales and marketing efforts become, leading to an inevitable lift in sales, customer lifetime value and customer retention.  

Make Data-Driven Decisions with Better Business Intelligence 

What’s fueling your data models and business intelligence tools? If it’s not centralized, actionable, scalable data, it’s likely hurting your ability to create models that provide meaningful insights to your business.   

Companies often need several vendors and data providers to get a complete picture of their consumers. Using multiple data sources can create silos, raise costs and make data management harder. It also even can create conflicting insights. When you append your data with a single, reliable, high-quality data provider, you don’t have to sacrifice performance today in order to achieve your long-term business goals and vice versa.   

Resonate Append: Data That Works the Way You Do 

Reaching the right audience with the right message is critical. With Resonate Append, you can fill in the gaps in your customer database with an enriched understanding of your target audience in a privacy-compliant way.  

Get recent, relevant, rich data on consumer sentiment, intent, personal values, psychographics and more. Our best-in-class, valuable and highly reliable information can help you level up your sales and marketing strategies. Your important marketing decisions deserve the best data. Resonate offers:  

  • Unparalleled data: Our proprietary, first-party data is rich and continuously updated, allowing you to keep pace with the evolving consumer.  
  • Scaled for performance: Unlike traditional data and syndicated research providers, our data is created using Resonate AI to power the creation of whole-human understanding with speed, precision and scale. 
  • Individual-level matching: Create 1-to-1 relationships with customers or prospects and offer the level of personalization today’s consumers expect. 
  • Privacy-safe: Your consumer database remains anonymous and safe. Both personalization and privacy are at an all-time high, and we provide the best of both worlds. 
  • Fast answers to business questions: We offer custom data explicitly built for each client to help fill any gaps in your business needs and grow your first-party data. 

AI-powered Resonate Append data outperforms other sources, and it saves you time and money. But you should really see it for yourself.  

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