[Infographic] Bourbon and Vodka Drinkers Approach At-Home Entertaining Differently

It’s that time of the year again—the holiday season. Although festivities might look a bit different this year, that doesn’t mean Americans won’t do their best to eat, drink, and be merry. They might just be doing it at home. Take these at-home entertainers for example. Vodka drinkers and bourbon drinkers don’t just have varying alcoholic preferences…they have different values and motivations. Let’s explore what makes these audiences tick, where they buy, and where to activate them. 

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Holiday Marketing Infographic: Bourbon vs. Vodka Drinkers

A Cocktail for the Bourbon At-Home Drinker 

No, I won’t be cheating you with a Hot Toddy recipe (although it IS the green juice of cocktails). will instead opt for something a bit more indulgent because we’re in the midst of a pandemic, and we deserve to be a little ‘extra’ this holiday season.  

Audience Profile (Values) 

  • Stimulation – adventure, inventiveness, excitement, and variety in life 
  • Pleasure – amusement, indulgence, fun, and happiness
  • Humility – humility, modesty, and respect 

Based on what drives our at-home Bourbon drinkers, we recommend this Ginger Lime Whiskey Sour recipe from Delish. It’s an indulgent and innovative nod to the classic drink. 

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A Cocktail for the Vodka At-Home Drinker 

As much as I wanted to list my favorite Boozy Grinch Punch recipe here, our at-home vodka drinkers are looking for a different kind of cocktail—something a bit more grown-up. Still, we’re keeping it classy and even family-friendly with this cocktail choice. 

Audience Profile (Values) 

  • Influence: prestige, importance, prosperity, and power attained by accumulating wealth  
  • Tradition: family, religion, appreciation for culture and traditional practices and beliefs 
  • Stimulation: adventure, inventiveness, excitement, and variety in life 

For our bourbon drinkers, we recommend the Rubies on Ice cocktail from Taste of Home. The garnishes bring the holiday cheer and you can hold the vodka for a non-alcoholic option all can enjoy! 

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