New Research Reveals the 7 Voter Segments That Will Determine the Outcome of the Presidential Election

Presidential Election Voter Landscape

Resonate Delivers a First-of-Its Kind Segmentation of the American Electorate Based on the Values That Will Drive Their Vote in the Presidential Election

RESTON, Va., Sept. 17, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Resonate, the leading provider of A.I.-driven voter data, intelligence and managed media, today unveiled new voter research findings that provide deep insights into the values shaping the decisions of American voters who plan to vote in the Presidential Election. The research uncovered seven unique voter segments that candidates must consider as they plan their campaigns, and these segments are available for activation in advertising across all channels.

“Now, more than ever, candidates and campaigns need to engage voters based on the current events and key issues that are shaping their worlds. No other company is tracking how highly divisive issues such as the pandemic, human rights and climate change are shifting voting intentions among the key audiences that will decide this important election,” said Bryan Gernert, Chief Executive Officer of Resonate. “Our voter segments recognize the unique human elements that influence voting decisions, and they provide campaigns with the critical insights they need to not only precisely target and engage voters, but also to motivate them to vote in their favor. Elections are won by the candidates and campaigns that can connect with and rally voters based on their personal beliefs.”

To build this voter landscape, Resonate tapped into its continuously updated, highly accurate voter insights platform, which houses more than 13,000 attributes scaled to more than 200 million American voters. Using artificial intelligence (AI) and deep machine learning, Resonate discerned clustered groups and looked at how their values, motivations, issue and policy positions, candidate platform support, voting history and media consumption habits influence how they’ll vote.

  • America First Populists (42 million U.S. voters – 19% of U.S. Population):                 
    The America First Populists are distinguished by their economic populist leanings and loyal support of President Trump and his pro-nationalist policies. However, in a noticeable contrast to their far-right stances on security, this group is persuadable on socialist-leaning policies and an increased social safety net.
  • Resolute Republicans (13 million U.S. Voters – 6% of U.S. Population):
    Resolute Republicans represent the core group of establishment Republicans, driven by their faith and support of a strong national security presence. This heavily Baby Boomer group is considerably more relaxed on the pandemic: 31% of this group falls into the Rushed Reopeners group that’s almost 3X more likely to rush to reopen the pandemic economy than the average American.
  • In-Flux Inactives (68 million U.S. Voters – 31% of U.S. Population):
    The In-Flux Inactives are a majority millennial group defined by their lack of definition. They are politically ambivalent, but persuadable across the board on issues. The key is finding where their opinions and ideology could align with your campaign. 91% identify as fiscally conservative or moderate, while 31% identify as socially conservative. How do you connect that with the fact they’re 109% more likely to state that they’re persuadable on their perception of President Trump?
  • Dedicated Democrats (22 million U.S. Voters – 10% of U.S. Population):                      
    Dyed-in-the-wool Dedicated Democrats are moderate-leaning leftists who have rallied behind their support of Joe Biden. This group is active politically and more likely than the average American to contact politicians to share their thoughts and to vote based on issues. They’re 89% more likely to support mail-in voting, and they’ll make their final decision based on information from cable news, as well as newspapers and editorial endorsements.
  • Persuadable Progressives (27 million U.S. Voters – 12% of U.S. Population):
    Left-leaning across the board, the Persuadable group identifies as liberal in most categories and is persuadable on issues of socialism, including a universal basic income and redistribution of wealth. This group initially supported Bernie Sanders in the primary and are 36% more likely to say they’re not excited about voting in the Presidential election. However, they’re also 21% more likely to say they are voting for Biden.
  • Absolute Activists (26 million U.S. Voters – 11% of U.S. Population):
    The Absolute Activists represent the TikTok generation. These are the voters you see watching and crafting clever videos to influence friends and family—even politically. They’re 217% more likely to look for Democratic candidates with a socialist platform and feel strongly about promoting race and gender equality in their own political actions.
  • Left Wing Loyalists (25 million U.S. Voters – 11% of U.S. Population):
    This educated Gen-X segment of voters is eager to donate money to support political and advocacy groups, and they’re active in their volunteer work to support those groups. They lean toward the far left of the spectrum, and their active political stances are working toward moving Trump out of the White House. They enjoy sharing their political opinions, learning about policy issues, and discussing said topics with others.

Now more than ever, elections cannot be won by campaigns that view constituents in terms of Republican or Democrat alone.  Diverse voter populations have emerged, comprised of smaller factions across the left and right. If a candidate wants to win, they must know the values and motivations driving voters’ choices. For example, Resonate has found that many conservatives grapple with what it means to be a Trump Republican, while liberals consider whether they fall into the growing Democratic Socialist wing of the party.

Read the complete findings of Resonate’s Presidential Election Voter Landscape research here.

Resonate’s deep history in helping political campaigns identify and target niche voter audiences has manifested in a strong track record of candidate victories. The seven unique voter segments identified through Resonate’s unprecedented study are now available for targeting via the Resonate Ignite platform.

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