Consumers are Showing Signs of Cautious Optimism

Consumers are Showing Signs of Cautious Optimism

We’ve seen consumer sentiment ride a roller coaster of ups and downs over the past 7 months, but the latest September data has revealed a story of cautious optimism. Whether it’s the promise of a vaccine before the end of 2020 or simply that consumers are hoping to will themselves into a new normal, 29% now indicate they believe life will be back to normal within 6 months.

Good News for Consumer Sentiment and the Economy

Resonate data gets at the granular, human element that defines the why behind customer decisions right now and that includes how they’re feeling regarding the overall U.S. economy. While the past several months brought with them a wave of anxiety, consumer worry to a large extent over the economy dropped 17.4 percentage points from March to September. Additionally, those who cited the current quality of the United States’ economy as poor dropped 10 percentage points from August to September.

This could be good news going into a busy consumer holiday season.

Connect with Consumers and Voters on a Deeper Level

We’ve been closely tracking consumer sentiment since March with AI-driven insights scaled to 200 million U.S. consumers. Resonate’s Wave 8 data, Tracking the Pulse of Today’s Consumer, gets into the real-time values, motivations, behaviors and drivers impacting consumer decisions across verticals as a result of both the coronavirus pandemic and current events. In this September report, we dive into sentiment on retail, travel, personal finance, gathering, politics, BLM and Facebook.

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