Top 5: What our Readers Found Most Interesting in 2022

Back in the ’70s, according to a popular song, money made the world go around. Obviously, money is still essential, but you won’t be growing your coffers without data to give you deeper insights into your customers and targets. 

Having a holistic picture of U.S. consumers, from their values to their psychological drivers, with data that is beyond demographics, can make the difference between hitting your numbers or exceeding them.  As we move into the new year, we wanted to pause to look back at what marketers were most interested in reading about in 2022.  

Here are our top 5 blogs: 


Three Connected TV Developments to Watch in 2023 

Connected TV trends to watch 2023

In October 2022, we looked at the three big Connected TV trends streaming companies will want to watch in 2023:  

  • A Focus on Data-Driven Content Strategies   
  • CPG Brands Flock to Connected TV   
  • Advertisers’ Growing Need for a Consultative Approach   

Learn more about these trends and why 2023 will be a big year for CTV in this Top 5 Blog.   


Unlock Unparalleled First-Party Insights in Record Time with Direct Data Onboarding 

direct data onboarding comparison

Our 4th most popular read was an infographic packed with information about activating insights from your first-party data to create more meaningful engagement and powerful results. Don’t skip this one if your data onboarding process involves: 

  • Complex manual processes 
  • Long turnaround times
  • Ambiguous match rates 
  • Less control of your first-party data   

Download the full infographic here.


State of the Consumer: How Do the Personal Values of the Overextended, Influenced, and Activists Differ? 

Our annual State of the Consumer 2022 is always a hit because it offers lenses through which marketers can approach their messaging, promos, offers, product development, strategy, and more. These lenses represent the currents running through consumer sentiment. Here were the “Big 3” consumers in 2022:  

  • Overwhelmed: tired, burnt out, and at their wit’s end navigating working full time and parenting. They’ve seen school shutdowns and daycare quarantines. They didn’t sign up for this.  
  • Influenced: nonstop scrollers. From skincare to pajamas, they’re heavily targeted with social media ads and are quick to ‘add to cart.’ Perhaps they’re dreaming of a day when life is normal again, or maybe they’re just bored and looking to shop. 
  • Activist: vote with their wallets. They’re concerned with corporate responsibility, sustainability, and creating a better world for everyone.  

Download the State of the Consumer 2022 here (and keep your eyes out for our State of the Consumer 2023 – Coming Soon!).  


Just Because Google Delayed Its Cookie-Cutting Plans, Doesn’t Mean You Should

seize your first party data

There was another delay in Google’s planning to eliminate third-party cookies on Chrome again, but Apple’s Safari and other browsers have already phased them out. And, of course, consumers are getting savvier and more demanding about their privacy. Whether Google continues to delay its promise to implement anti-tracking policies by 2023, the time to prepare for heightened privacy concerns is now.   

In this post, we looked at why first-party data offers only a limited understanding of who customers are and how it will become even more critical to optimize the use of first-party data to inform meaningful customer experiences in a cookie-free world.  


Find Your Data-Backed Summer Drink Before Pumpkin Spice Season Arrives

In late summer, we dug into the Resonate Ignite Platform for inspiration on some fun summer drinks. The twist? We looked at each generation to uncover fresh research on alcohol consumption data, recent purchase history, and personal values to show marketers how to use them to inform and optimize marketing strategy.   

The 2022 Summer Drink for Gen Z  

Members of the Gen Z group are less likely to drink alcohol at home, which is why some call them the “sober-curious generation.”    

What Were The 2022 Summer Drink for Millennials, for Gen X or Baby Boomers? See the post.


Need a deeper, more holistic understanding of your customers and prospects pronto? To see what rich, recent, hyper-relevant insights Resonate has on your target audience, talk to us about your next project. 

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