Featured in VentureBeat | Pivoting to Privacy-first: Why This is an Adapt-or-die Moment

Brands and agencies are in upheaval as they work on pivoting to privacy-first and assessing the impact that the demise of third-party cookies will have on their consumer data models. But, for Resonate, consumer privacy has always been a top priority. Now, we’re simply adapting how we get there.

Resonate Chief Technology Officer Tom Craig recently wrote in VentureBeat about the impact of Google’s removal of third-party cookies on the digital advertising ecosystem. He assures readers that January 2022 isn’t doomsday, rather there are reasons to be optimistic, as long as you’re willing to embrace industry change and avoid putting all your technology and intelligence eggs in one basket.

The Transformation of Pivoting to Privacy-First

Craig writes, “The next 12 months are going to be transformative in our industry. In 24 months, we’ll all be a lot wiser. We will have taken universal IDs and behavioral cohorts for a few laps around the track, and we’ll have a much stronger sense of the role that they can and will play in furthering our consumer connections and understanding. Likewise, the innovators of our industry will have gotten to work on rewriting the internet economy around the new privacy-first reality, and we’ll all be reaping the benefits of their novel ideas and solutions.”

So, as you look towards January 2022, the question is, will you adapt? Or will you let your consumer data die? With Resonate as your guide, you’ll not only adapt, but emerge stronger on the other side. Follow along for the latest updates on our post-cookie plans and read the entire article, Pivoting to Privacy-first: Why This is an Adapt-or-die Moment, in VentureBeat here.


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