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How to Connect with American Home Movers and Improvers

Deep, real-time data on American home movers and improvers As the country continues to reopen, the American population is mobilizing. In fact, Zillow has dubbed this period the “Great Reshuffling.” At Resonate we’ve been tracking this pattern since before the pandemic, finding emerging insights with wide implications for brands looking to serve those who are […]

3 Values-Driven Ways to Connect With Affluent Consumers Who Plan to Adopt a Pet

According to the AI-driven, privacy safe data available within the Resonate Ignite Platform™, 22.5M Americans plan to adopt a pet in the next year. And while affluence alone is not a strong predictor of pet adoption, one segment that continues to be of interest is the 5.9 million affluent pet adopters (income >$100k/yr). Are You […]

What I Learned From Talking to Casual Dining Leaders

What will it take for restaurants like Olive Garden, Applebee’s and Red Robin to personalize and attract different in-person dining segments? I’ve had interesting conversations these past few months with senior executives from various restaurant chains. By and large the big question is, “How do we create an amazing customer experience when that definition is […]

5 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Your Next Segmentation Project

“Customer segmentation has long been a cornerstone of marketing campaigns, giving enterprises a way to partition their customer bases and plan interactions with them. However, in light of growing customer expectations for personalized experiences and the availability of AI technologies to enable smarter insights about these customers, it’s time for marketers and CI pros to […]

Constellation Brands’ $100 Million Investment is a Win With Consumers

Constellation Brands Announces a $100 Million Investment Constellation Brands, the parent company behind some of the world’s most iconic beer, wine and spirits brands (think Corona, Ruffino, just to name a few), just announced a groundbreaking $100 million investment in Black and minority-owned businesses interested in creating and launching consumers’ next favorite brand. Constellation astutely […]