Social Media Users: Getting To Know You

We published a blog post last month that identified Heavy Social Media Users and then looked at their purchase behavior. With marketers spending substantial portions of their budget on social platforms we […]

The Marriage of Creative and Data

A few weeks ago, I presented the problem in the industry in servicing brands: ‘The Death of Creative at the Hands of Data ‘. If we’ve lost our focus around the importance […]

Now We Need the Power of Why

For, far too long marketers haven’t been asking enough questions about the consumer. Their age, income and what they do online are all interesting to know and do provide a […]

The Death of Creative at the Hands of Data

“More product is moved through emotion than rational fact. Advertising is the process of changing attitudes.” This quote from Randall Rothenberg, President of the IAB, was part of a presentation […]

Cause Marketing – Ready for Primetime

I recently attended two of the key trade shows related to cause marketing, sustainability, and corporate social responsibility (CSR). While the ‘dark Greens’ preached the gospel of sustainability, over the […]

Powering The Online Activist Pipeline

In my first of many blog posts here at Resonate (some of which will be more technical than others), I want to talk at a high level about the opportunity […]

It’s My Bucket, and I Like It (For Now)

I woke up this morning to find that Resonate Networks had been put in a bucket. Not just any old bucket and not just by any old bucket builder. Resonate […]

Clicks, Unicorns, and Magic Fairy Dust Part 1

Collective put out an interesting study on the profile of clickers. To quote a colleague, this horse can’t possibly stand another beating. Unfortunately it can. If you’ve run campaigns, you’ve […]

Got Scale?

DSPs. DMPs. SSPs. RTB. Somewhere in this alphabet soup there is supposed to be an easier way for advertisers to buy the online media they want, targeted to the online […]

What President Obama Didn’t Teach Us About Facebook

President Obama’s election generated a huge upsurge in online advertising as a tool by political and advocacy organizations.  “Obama the Brand” became the mantra de jour on Madison Avenue. And […]