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Zero-Party Data: How to Leverage it in the Media & Entertainment Industry

The term “zero-party data” is getting more lip service in the media and entertainment industry, and for good reason. As more consumer privacy legislation is passed and with third-party cookies slated to disappear entirely, publishers are re-prioritizing first-party data and its more privacy-centric cousin, zero-party data. Zero-party data, coined by Forrester Research, is also called […]

Updated Report: How to Reach the Unvaccinated

Fresh data to help reach vaccine-hesitant and -resistant Americans What will it take to persuade unvaccinated American adults to get the shot and help put an end to this pandemic? Resonate’s same data used by top brands and organizations to win over Americans can be used to show campaigns and organizations how to reach the […]

5 Insights on Bank Switchers with an Eye on Digital Banking

17% of Americans use online-only banking and less than half of the 150 million who use a traditional bank primarily use its services in person. With digital banking on the rise, bank marketers need deep, up-to-date insights on their customers and prospects – particularly ones who are itching to switch banks. In the Resonate Ignite […]

How to Reach Unvaccinated Americans with Values-Driven Insights

Campaigns aren’t working on unvaccinated Americans. These granular insights could help move the needle. The Delta variant and recent change in Republican rhetoric are pushing some unvaccinated Americans to get the shot, but at ~30% of the adult population, these two forces won’t be enough to close the gap. Using the powerful AI in the […]

Your Guide to Privacy-Safe Consumer Data, Insights, & Engagement

Quell your nerves about digital marketing without cookies As cross-internet tracking and targeting of individuals give way to anonymized learning and engagement, we’re here to prepare you for ongoing marketing success using deep, privacy-safe consumer data. Resonate is working closely with industry partners to create a more privacy-preserving digital marketing ecosystem, while ensuring that consumers […]

3 Steps Marketers Should Take Today to Prepare for a Privacy-Safe World

As we shared earlier this week, the Colorado Privacy Act is only the latest in a series of state-level privacy regulations that will create a climate of transparency around consumer privacy and data. This is a sign that the privacy tides are changing even though Google’s deprecation of third-party cookies has been pushed back to […]

The Colorado Privacy Act: Another Sign of What’s to Come for Marketers

The Colorado Privacy Act is passed and it won’t be the last. Here’s how marketers can prepare for a privacy-first future. Joining California’s Consumer Privacy Act and Virginia’s Consumer Data Protection Act, the Colorado Privacy Act (CPA) is only the latest state-level comprehensive consumer privacy legislation. Without federal legislation, states will continue drumming up their […]

SmartCommerce and Resonate Partner to Drive Unprecedented CPG eCommerce Performance and Insights

Via this strategic partnership, SmartCommerce clients can now unlock deep insights on their eCommerce audience and performance through Resonate’s leading consumer intelligence. ATLANTA & RESTON, Va.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–SmartCommerce and Resonate today announced a strategic partnership to enable SmartCommerce Click2Cart® clients to unlock deep insights on their eCommerce audience and performance. Resonate, the leading provider of A.I.-driven consumer data and […]

3 Critical Voter Segments in the California Gubernatorial Recall Election

The last time there was a California Gubernatorial recall election, a Republican bodybuilder from Austria became governor. Is incumbent Gavin Newsom’s September recall election different from the 2003 recall that got the Terminator elected? Sure, it is. But the fact is special elections like these inherently create an opportunity for surprise. Think of specials like […]

Case Study: How to Increase Publisher Advertising Value

How publisher Las Vegas Review-Journal increases advertising value with hyper-targeted audience personas built from deep, real-time data The Las Vegas Review-Journal uses Resonate’s deep, real-time data on U.S. consumers to increase advertising value and ultimately expand and retain client relationships. Read on to learn how publisher advertising revenue grows by optimizing ad spend and how […]

Case Study: Using Data to Craft Values-Driven Advertising Copy

To launch the latest product line of Titleist Vokey Design Wedges, Red Door Interactive turned to Resonate data to help craft a creative campaign that would make the biggest splash yet. Insights uncovered in the Resonate Ignite Platform™ inspired values-driven advertising core to the campaign. According to their website, Red Door Interactive is “a fiercely […]

[VIDEO] Women in Retail Marketing Chat with PGA Tour Superstore and Resonate

Watch a Fireside chat from the 2021 Brand Innovators: Women in Retail Marketing event with Jill Thomas, CMO, PGA Tour Superstore and Ericka McCoy, CMO, Resonate. Access real-time, deep, actionable insights on your customers and prospects Request a demo of the AI-driven Resonate Ignite Platform™. You may also be interested in… Brand Loyalty Report 2021 […]

The CMO Imperative of Being Data-Driven in a Privacy-Safe World with Forrester & Resonate

A Fireside Chat for Data-Driven CMOs Preparing for a Privacy-safe World Fatemeh Khatibloo, VP, Principal Analyst, Forrester joins Bryan Gernert, CEO, Resonate to discuss and offer insights for data-driven CMOs, covering: Expectations for CMOs given the pandemic’s acceleration of digitization What data is most relevant to CMOs as they re-evaluate the Four P’s How today’s […]

The Wearable Marketing Playbook

The Wearable Marketing Playbook: Who are Wearable Wear-ers & Want-ers? Find out what wearable marketing strategy and messaging will work best for different segments How do you market a product with such a broad audience? Segmentation? Yes. Microsegmentation? Even better. The Resonate Ignite Platform™ allows us to create multi-attribute segments of U.S. consumers for a […]

Here’s What It Will Take to Reach People Avoiding the Vaccine

Key Insights for Vaccination Campaigns COVID-19 vaccines have been rolling out across the U.S. for six months now, but the real work for vaccination campaigns is just beginning. As supply eclipses demand, all eyes are turning to Americans who have expressed hesitancy or outright resistance to being vaccinated against COVID-19. According to a just-released vaccine readiness […]

Digital Issue Advertising in the Post-Trump Era

A Deep Dive into the Audiences of Post-Trump Issue Advertising Axios published a piece earlier this month breaking down the percentage of Facebook advocacy and political advertising spending by issue. The Facebook data shows the 2020 election and its central figure, Trump, slipping from the limelight. Even COVID-focused advertising is dwindling as more Americans get […]

Your Guide to Resonate’s AI-Powered Consumer Data

Access AI-driven consumer data, updated in real time and at scale, in an easy-to-use platform Is your understanding of your target audience lookin’ swiss-cheesy? Resonate provides the freshest, deepest, most actionable consumer data to give you a COMPLETE view of the people you need to reach. Resonate’s privacy-safe consumer intelligence gets down to the WHY […]

Comprehensive issue insights uncovered on gun control

Our proprietary voter research actively identifies niche audiences on both sides of the gun debate. Leveraging first-party voter survey data on gun issues, paired with survey respondents’ online behavior, we’re able to immediately build, analyze, and target audiences that are not readily available through traditional research and models. For this analysis, we look at our […]

[Video] Universal Identifiers (UIDs): Explanation and FAQs

Everything marketers need to know about Universal Identifiers (UIDs) and their crucial role in post-cookie marketing and advertising. With cookie deprecation looming, you’ve likely heard Universal Identifiers propped up as a cookie replacement. The industry is hard at work creating solutions that replace cookies and maintain your marketing and advertising use cases. As more updates […]

Resonate Research Unveils Key New Consumer Profiles: Eager vs. Cautious Travelers

Consumer Intelligence Firm’s New Travel Report Breaks Down the Differing Values, Motivations and Preferences of Americans Who Are Planning vs. Delaying Travel Right Now RESTON, Va., June 03, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — According to a just-released travel report from consumer intelligence firm Resonate, the leading provider of A.I.-driven consumer data and analytics, 46% of consumers […]

Your 5-Minute Guide to AI-Driven Segmentation

AI-driven segmentation is your key to connecting with consumers on a deeper level, but what does it mean exactly?  How can machine learning help you get to know living, breathing, buying humans on an individual level? In Your 5-Minute Guide to AI-Driven Segmentation, we share how the Resonate Ignite Platform™ provides rich attributes (13,000+ to be […]

[Video] FLoCs Explained by Resonate CTO Tom Craig

Federated Learning of Cohorts (FLoCs), Explained Last week, we walked you through the top five cookieless terms you need to know, but we have a good feeling you might have some lingering questions about FLoCs, universal identifiers, and more. Don’t worry though, we’ve got you covered. Over the next weeks, we’ll answer your FAQs about […]

New Research Reveals Values and Motivations Driving Vaccine Readiness

An earlier version of the article was featured in AIThority and MarTechCube. Two New Vaccine Readiness Segments Emerge: Vaccine-Hesitant and Vaccine-Resistant Americans Resonate’s New Vaccine Readiness Report Delivers Key Insights for Communicating with Americans Who Are Delaying or Avoiding COVID-19 Vaccination According to a just-released vaccine readiness report from consumer intelligence firm Resonate, the leading provider […]

[Video] What Are Cookies? 5 Cookieless Terms You Need to Know

Cookies are going away, but what are cookies? What is a FLOC? Who’s playing in the privacy sandbox?  As we continue to refine and evolve Resonate’s Privacy-Preserving Insights Solution to prepare for the cookieless world, debuting in January 2022, we’ve realized there are lots of questions out there. Even the most tech-savvy marketers are craving some […]