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State of the Consumer

Consumers have more control than ever before over their interaction with brands, products and retailers. In order to acquire and retain the modern shopper, companies need to better understand the dynamics impacting consumers’ shopping behaviors so they can build more resonant products and services. Brands can use consumers’ influential values and behaviors to help them […]

[Infographic]: How to Capture Today’s Activist Shopper

How to Capture Today’s Activist Shopper Consumers today are faced with choice overload, and new factors are impacting the buying decisions and shopping behaviors of the modern shopper. Everything from a company’s charity donations to their online reviews influences a consumer’s decision about who they’ll do business with. How can you leverage these factors to […]

Resonate’s State of the Consumer Report Reveals New Insights into 4 Intriguing Customer Segments

New Report from Leading Consumer Intelligence Platform Explores Purchase Motivations of Consumers That Extend Beyond Marketing Messages RESTON, Va., Oct. 24, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Resonate, the leading provider of A.I.-driven consumer intelligence for marketers, today released its latest State of the Consumer Report, which examines four distinct audience segments that collectively represent the major […]

Democratic Debate #4: The Results Are In…

Resonate’s AI-driven voter insights drawn from best-in-class survey research and analyzing both online and offline behaviors, reveals a dynamic, nuanced picture of the American electorate. Resonate’s insights go beyond an analysis of the static voter file or other third-party data. Unlike traditional polling, the Resonate insights factor in not only what people say, but what […]

[Video] How to Navigate Through Voter Pitfalls in the Race for 2020

How AI-driven Insights Help Navigate the Erosion of the Left/Right Divide Reducing Republicans and Democrats into simplistic binary categories is doing the electorate, and your campaign, an injustice. Using AI-driven insights to reveal the issues voters actually care about gives campaigns the ability to message critical segments of voters persuadable on the issue level, regardless […]

What Happened to Interest in the Democratic Candidates?

What Democratic primary candidates have benefited from Impeachment? Which have suffered? The Resonate Candidate Index (RCI) is a measurement of real-time engagement with online content centered on each of the Democratic primary candidates in the 2020 election season. Resonate uses AI-driven voter insights combined with best-in-class survey research, as well as the monitoring of more […]

How Does Your Congressional District Feel About the Impeachment Inquiry?

What does your congressional district mean for impeachment interest? The Resonate platform uses artificial intelligence and machine learning, paired with the largest U.S. voter survey, to reveal a nuanced, real-time picture of the American electorate at the individual level. The Resonate Candidate Index predicts the rise and fall in positive content surrounding candidates in the […]

Resonate Candidate Index and the Climate Town Hall

What can artificial intelligence tell us about the climate town hall? Resonate uses AI machine learning and best-in-class survey research paired with trackable online and offline behaviors to reveal a holistic view of the American voter, which is a critical component heading into an already high-stakes 2020 election season. We published Resonate Candidate Index values […]

New Resonate Analysis Finds That 66 Million Americans Are Considering Switching Insurance Providers in the Coming Year

Report Reveals Top Reasons Consumers Are Thinking About Making an Insurance Change in the Next 12 Months RESTON, VA, September 24, 2019 – Resonate, the leading provider of consumer intelligence for marketers, has released its latest wave of insights into the consumer insurance market, and the findings are startling: Nearly 66 million Americans are switching or […]

So, Who Really Won the Third Democratic Debate?

Resonate’s AI-driven voter insights combined with best-in-class survey research and monitoring both online and offline behaviors reveals a dynamic, nuanced picture of the American electorate on an individual level. Resonate’s insights are homegrown from trustworthy sources, served fresh daily and go beyond an analysis of the static voter file combined with third-party data. Resonate’s data […]

[Infographic]: Get to Know the Climate Change Deniers

Resonate discovered eight hidden dimensions of voters who are highly clustered together based on familiar patterns and some surprises. One of these newly uncovered dimensions is the climate change denier. Their core similarities are that they don’t believe climate change exists or that Russia interfered with the election. Connecting with this voter segment requires a […]

[Video] The Resonate Platform Reveals the WHY Behind Consumer Behavior

 Consumers are complex and change their behaviors and preferences regularly, making it increasingly difficult for marketers to understand the why behind a customer’s buying decisions. Resonate reveals the why through the Human Element, a holistic understanding of a consumer that starts with what makes them the most human—their psychological drivers, values and motivations. We […]

How Political Debates Really Move The Dial

What can AI tell us about post-debate polls? The American electorate is generally viewed as a heterogeneous landscape, centered on candidates and partisan issues with politics that are nationally scaled. The problem with this world view is that it obscures the reality that each voter is an individual with experiences that are unique to their […]

[Infographic] The Best Campaigns Sprout from the Best Data

Are your campaigns starving for better consumer data? The best data will help your teams develop the best campaigns – campaigns that exceed KPIs, delight your clients and help you win more business. The best data is also homegrown from the most trustworthy sources and served fresh every day. It blooms into a full picture […]

[Video] Master the Create, Engage, Optimize Flywheel

Marketers are in the Golden Age for building meaningful relationships with their audiences. But how? Adopt the create, engage, optimize framework. It starts with understanding what will connect with your audiences. Nail down the stories they will love and launch them. Then analyze how those stories perform and optimize for the next campaign. Tools like […]

[Video] 4 Keys to Immersive Content

Research has found four keys to highly immersive content: relatability, novelty, fluency and tension. Relatability is when the reader or viewer knows the character and can see themselves in the story. Novelty is giving something to an audience. Brains are peaked when we see something new. Fluency is how easy it is to get absorbed […]

[Video] The Neuroscience Experiment

How do we know that stories influence one’s likelihood to purchase? A neuroscientist created an immersion score, which determines how purchase decisions are impacted. The score is made up of two parts: heart rate signals and oxytocin. Your heart rate signals determine how much attention you’re paying to something, while the oxytocin reveals the level […]

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