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[Video] 4 Keys to Immersive Content

Research has found four keys to highly immersive content: relatability, novelty, fluency and tension. Relatability is when the reader or viewer knows the character and can see themselves in the story. Novelty is giving something to an audience. Brains are peaked when we see something new. Fluency is how easy it is to get absorbed […]

[Video] The Neuroscience Experiment

How do we know that stories influence one’s likelihood to purchase? A neuroscientist created an immersion score, which determines how purchase decisions are impacted. The score is made up of two parts: heart rate signals and oxytocin. Your heart rate signals determine how much attention you’re paying to something, while the oxytocin reveals the level […]

[Video] What Marketers Need to Know About Neuroscience

Stories make our brains want to buy. Content marketing works because our brains are programmed for stories. “As human beings, we are programmed for stories,” says author and head of marketing at Contently, Joe Lazauskas. The more interesting and intriguing your brand story is, the more likely it is that people will be motivated to […]

4 Steps To Becoming A Lean Agency

The tenure of the agency-client relationship is on the decline. Agencies are awash in an overwhelming amount of data and technology, and clients are calling for greater transparency. At the same time, agencies are being tasked to do more with less, and do it faster. With all the complexities in the agency world today, wasted […]

15 Intriguing Facts About Today’s Generation Z and Millennials

How well do you know the difference between tech savvy millennials, and social media captivated Generation Z? Do you know if your targeting strategies are differentiating the two effectively? As marketers, we are constantly searching for intriguing insights on consumers to drive campaigns, but most do not look farther than simple demographics. To ensure you […]

How Deep Consumer Insights Will Help Your Agency Win New Business

Agencies are in the midst of tumultuous change. They’ve been confronted with some major challenges like unexpected competition from consultants, brands ditching outside agencies and moving their ad operations in-house, and the major loss of trust and growing demand for transparency. Those issues among others have left the agency business in need of a serious […]

[Video] How Insights Help CPG Brands Connect With Consumers

CPGs face an uphill battle when it comes to connecting with today’s evolving consumers. Direct-to-consumer disruptors are also gaining traction. CPGs need to fill a deep hole in their consumer data to better understand and connect with their target audiences. Resonate’s consumer intelligence platform brings first-, second- and third-party data to life, leading to a […]

How A Large Publisher is Growing Readers and Revenue with Insights

Long gone are the days of media companies just competing against each other. Consumers are absorbing news in multiple ways, and traditional media must develop fresh and innovative solutions for engaging with their audiences and advertisers. Star Tribune, the fifth largest newspaper in the country, tapped into Resonate’s consumer intelligence platform to better understand its […]

Resonate Achieves Unprecedented Growth by Delivering Deeper Consumer Insights Tailored for the Direct Brand Economy

Helping Brands Understand “Why” Consumers Make Purchasing Decisions Fuels Significant Revenue and Client Growth RESTON, Va., May 22, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — In a business climate where direct brand relationships with consumers are increasingly vital, Resonate’s dynamic, always-on consumer intelligence marketing platform is experiencing unprecedented growth due to the wholly unique consumer behaviors, values and […]

You Down with OTT?

If political campaigns don’t have over-the-top (OTT) or Connected TV advertising in their plans for the 2020 elections, a huge opportunity will be missed. The OTT viewing audience is growing rapidly, and it offers a new and modern opportunity for political campaigns to reach a growing segment of voters. There are more video streaming service […]

[Video] Analyst Interview: Brandon Purcell, Forrester

The modern marketer’s role seems to expand by the minute. One of their most important job requirements is connecting with consumers in impactful and efficient ways. So much goes into better engagement, including having the right consumer insights, a strong segmentation strategy and a unified view of the customer. We recently spoke with Forrester Principal […]

4 Ways to Drive Performance with Corporate-Consumer Value Alignment

Companies were often hesitant to speak out on social issues, unless it was tax or regulation-related because they had nothing to gain and everything to lose. Their creative and messaging focused on the brand promise, product or service feature they were selling and that’s all consumers expected. Today, people want more from brands. It’s not […]

[Infographic] Get to Know 37.3 Million Bank Switchers

37.3 million U.S. consumers are planning to or could be persuaded to switch banks in the next year. This presents a massive opportunity for bank marketers and agencies with banking clients to connect with current customers and prospective customers who could be on the fence. The key to more meaningful engagement is to have a […]

3 Ways You Can Be a Kick-A$$ Data Expert

Before the digital age of media, print publishers conducted detailed surveys of their audience, which salespeople would use to sell ad packages to brands. With the rise of digital media and programmatic auctions, advertisers believed in the power of their first-party data, and publisher contextual and audience insights fell by the wayside. Thankfully, advertisers are […]

[Quiz] Do You Know the Generations as Well as You Think You Do?

As marketers we’ve fallen into a pattern—marketing to entire generations as if every person in that group is the same, when they all have different interests, motivations and values. Do you know how different the older and younger segments within a generation are from one another? Take our quiz to find out and then pass […]

[Video] Client Testimonial: Stuart Meyler, Beeby Clark + Meyler

Agencies are under pressure as the economics that underpin the industry are changing. Some of the biggest shifts are in the way agencies are compensated, as well as new competition from insourcing and consulting firms. The reality is that there are fewer opportunities and more people chasing them. Hear Stuart Meyler, President, Beeby Clark + […]

[Video] Client Testimonial: Jonathan Lee, Grey New York

Agencies are going through a fundamental model change and clients are demanding faster, cheaper, more agile strategies across more platforms. Hear Jonathan Lee, Chief Strategy Officer, Grey New York, explain how the agency is using consumer insights to respond to these shifts in today’s market. 

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