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A Fireside Chat with Forrester and Resonate on The Privacy Landscape

The Privacy Landscape: A Fireside Chat with Resonate and Forrester Resonate CEO Bryan Gernert recently joined Fatemeh Khatibloo, VP, Principal Analyst at Forrester, to discuss the evolving privacy landscape and what marketers can expect in the coming months and years. The Privacy Landscape :Forrester Fireside Cookie Conversation from Resonate on Vimeo. “I think for a […]

American Sentiment on Issues in Biden’s First 100 Days Address

The Resonate Ignite Platform™ provides issue-specific voter sentiment data on proposals outlined in President Biden’s First 100 Days Address – here’s what it says In President Biden’s First 100 Days Address to Congress last Wednesday, he said there’s been more technological change in the last 10 years than the last 50. He cited AI as […]

Featured in Street Fight: How to Cater to the Covid-Conscious Consumer

How are COVID-conscious consumers adapting to a world that is starting to get back to normal? Senior Content Marketing Manager Heather Bien recently wrote in marketing publication Street Fight about How to Cater to the Covid-Conscious Consumer. Looking at consumers who are concerned to a moderate or large extent about the pandemic, we’re able to […]

Featured in The Financial Brand: Financial Marketers Have a Big Opportunity to Snag Frustrated Consumers

The Financial Brand Editor Bill Streeter covered in his recent article, Financial Marketers Have a Big Opportunity to Snag Frustrated Consumers, the shift banks are facing in customer relationships. While typically customers can be reluctant to go through the effort to move their primary banking relationship, the pandemic and increased digital banking options have more customers […]

Featured in Global Fintech Series: A Marketing Guide to Personal Loan Seekers in the Pandemic

Resonate’s Shiva Sharif recently wrote in Global Fintech Series about the effect of the pandemic on Americans’ personal finances and how that has impacted those looking for personal loans. She writes that now, more than ever, it’s critical to not only know the financial needs of your customers and prospects, but to know the holistic […]

Consumer Intelligence Data Firm Resonate Experiences Record Growth and Revenue in 2020

Brands Rely on Resonate’s A.I. Driven, Real-Time Consumer Insights and Activation as Consumer Behavior Shifts During Pandemic RESTON, Va., April 19, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Resonate, the leading provider of A.I.-driven consumer data, intelligence, and managed media, today announced record performance in 2020 despite the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. Revenue exceeded $50 million growing […]

A Look at American Sentiment on Elements of Biden’s Infrastructure Plan

Real-time data reveal Americans’ infrastructure sentiment, key insights for public affairs campaigns President Biden’s infrastructure plan includes billions to modernize traditional infrastructures like roads and bridges, but it also allocates billions to expand broadband access, care for the elderly and disabled, Veterans Affairs upgrades, and other niche goals like improving water infrastructure for drinking water. […]

Advocacy Playbook 2021: Where High-Level Advocacy Engagers Stand on Economic Issues

Real-time, AI-driven voter intelligence reveal where the most engaged advocates in the U.S. stand on key economic issues In the first installment of our Advocacy Playbook 2021 series, Advocates of America, we look at current advocacy engagement levels, how many Americans are represented at each level, and dive into the complex profiles of the two […]

Featured in VentureBeat | Pivoting to Privacy-first: Why This is an Adapt-or-die Moment

Brands and agencies are in upheaval as they work on pivoting to privacy-first and assessing the impact that the demise of third-party cookies will have on their consumer data models. But, for Resonate, consumer privacy has always been a top priority. Now, we’re simply adapting how we get there. Resonate Chief Technology Officer Tom Craig […]

Think You’ll Sink When Cookies Disappear? Your Guide to Navigating the Post-Cookie Sea

Wondering what happens after third-party cookies? Here’s how Resonate is adapting with cutting-edge, privacy-preserving consumer insights and activation solutions. Resonate is Your Guide to Navigating Life After Third-Party Cookies For years, cookies have empowered brands and agencies with critical behavioral insights on consumers. So Google’s announcement that third-party cookies will be eliminated by January 2022 […]

How Vaccine Campaigns Can Reach Persuadable Americans

How to make the massive ad campaigns targeting vaccine-hesitant Americans effective and efficient The Biden administration is pouring millions into a national vaccine campaign. The “We Can Do This” campaign seeks to persuade Americans skeptical of COVID-19 vaccines to do their part and get vaccinated. Separately, the Ad Council and COVID Collaborative have launched the […]

As Seen In DigitalCommerce360: The Lasting Implications of the Baby Boomer Migration to Ecommerce

For ecommerce brands, the pandemic-induced shift to online shopping represents an opportunity within a largely untapped market of online shoppers over 55. In an article recently published in DigitalCommerce360, Senior Content Marketing Manager Heather Bien discusses the trends we’ve observed in Baby Boomer shoppers since the start of the pandemic in March 2020 — and […]

How Deep Consumer Insights Will Help Your Agency Win New Business

What’s next for agencies as they look to retain clients and win new business? What will the post-COVID normal bring? Agencies have faced cuts to budgets, layoffs, last-minute pivots on campaigns, ramp-ups in industries skyrocketing during the pandemic, and, of course, opportunities to create the next big viral campaign. This is in addition to the […]

Resonate Unveils Privacy-Preserving Insights Solution, Enabling Marketers to Continue Personalized, Cross-Channel Engagement in a Privacy-First World

New Solution Gives Resonate a Competitive Edge in the Race to Accommodate Evolving Privacy Regulations and Google’s Planned Deprecation of Third-Party Cookies in 2022 RESTON, Va., March 15, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Resonate, the leading provider of A.I.-driven consumer data and analytics, has unveiled its Privacy-Preserving Insights Solution, a comprehensive cookieless consumer intelligence solution designed to enable organizations to maintain a […]

Advocacy Playbook 2021: Insights on the Most Engaged Advocates in America

AI-driven voter intelligence reveals the profile of the most engaged advocates in the U.S. There’s no time nor money to waste on Americans who just aren’t engaged in issue advocacy. But who exactly are the folks attending rallies, setting up petitions, and penning op-eds? Our real-time, granular insights reveal key insights your campaign needs to change […]

New Data Reveals Spike in Americans’ Trust in Government from January to February

Trust is up as Trump is out Resonate’s latest COVID-19 and Emerging Trends Flash Survey data reveal that Americans are placing more trust in the Federal Government and its ability to effectively address a crisis. In early January, our data showed that over 27% of Americans strongly distrusted the Federal Government, when thinking about COVID-19. […]

[Infographic] Effective Campaigns Grow from the Freshest Data

Seeded with fresh and granular data on your target audience, your political or advocacy campaigns will spark real change. The best data is grown from reliable sources and served fresh every day. It blooms static personas into a holistic, real-time view of Americans as individuals – beyond basic demographics and party affiliation. Our farm-to-table data […]

Using Fresh Data to Navigate Rising Demand for Corporate Civic Responsibility

Corporate civic responsibility: no longer an afterthought The relationship between corporate America and Washington fundamentally changed since the storming of the U.S. Capitol. Brand giants like Google, Amazon, Facebook, Marriott, and a long list of others suspended political donations, better known as PAC money, to lawmakers. Brands like Charles Schwab — who doled out roughly […]

Learn How Real-Time Voter Intelligence Won the Persuadables in NE-2

Love it or hate it, the electoral college presents a strategic opportunity for targeting on a granular level as candidates focus on securing 270 electoral votes. States, including Nebraska, represent important targets along the path to securing victory in the presidential race. And, the Democracy Preservation Initiative (DPI), a Super PAC supporting Former Vice President […]

Featured in AW360: How the Latest Consumer Attitudes Will Shape the Season for Retail and Travel Brands

The light at the end of the pandemic tunnel is getting brighter with each passing day, and that tunnel is lined with another type of light – holiday ones. Travel and retail marketers must tackle the holiday season before the return to some sort of normalcy in just a few months. COVID-19 is still playing […]

Making the Pivot: Going from Politics to Policy with Issue-driven Data

Early indicators on the incoming administration’s priorities include Biden’s selection of cabinet members at record speed. Additionally, Biden has said that dealing with the coronavirus situation and passing a broad stimulus package will come before any other major legislative moves. These major reforms will require bipartisan deal-making or cross-party-line agreement depending on who Georgia sends […]

Enticing the Independent Vote: What Lessons Can Both Parties Learn After 2020?

Outdated voter files don’t paint a true picture of the American electorate. What can both Democrats and Republicans learn after 2020 to connect with Independents and moderates? Voter turnout is way up, even from the Obama years. Are Republicans doomed? The short answer, no. Despite President Trump declaring just a few months before the election […]

How “Hey, Let’s Try to Predict the Election” Turned Into Pollster-Beating Results

We are not politicos. We are not pollsters. We are people who are passionate about people and data science, and powered by a cutting-edge, AI-driven consumer insights Ignite Platform reflecting more than 14,000 attributes about 200 million US adults. In our day jobs, we’re surrounded by deep data on US consumers and their purchase drivers, […]

Resonate’s 2020 Presidential Election Analysis

In the stunning 2016 Presidential election, we accurately predicted 47 out of 50 states plus Washington D.C. days ahead of the results. In 2020, predictions are considerably more complex. In addition to the vast number of early votes cast, thousands of which were cast prior to the first debate, we have observed a number of […]

Featured In: The 2020 Playbook for Political Marketing in the Moment

Resonate’s Kristina Emminger is an expert in advocacy and political marketing and she’s offering her insights on how 2020 is far from over. The right message delivered to the right audience can move and motivate an indifferent voter in these final days.  Emminger says, “Going into these final weeks, everything hinges on whether candidates and causes are able […]

How to Target After the Second Presidential Debate: Who Are the Swing Voters Heading to the Polls?

The winner of the second and final presidential debate was the American voter who’s yet to cast a ballot. Last Thursday night was the type of civilized, issue-driven sparring session that would have helped undecided spectators fill in the blanks. Online search data during the live debate showed that viewers were most interested in how […]