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Agencies are under immense pressure to find new and innovative ways to win new business, retain current business and compete against new and untraditional players. Deep consumer insights no doubt help agencies become their clients’ partners, offering them more than they ever knew about their target audiences and their competitors’ customers. Check out our resources on how agencies can use this deepest understanding to win more business and drive your agency growth.

Featured Content

Drive revenue with insights to further individuality, representation, and authenticity.

State of the Consumer Report

Your 2022 planning relies on understanding the Overwhelmed, Influenced, and Activist consumers.

Learn how to build a disruption-proof agency from a foundation of fresh consumer data.

5-Minute Guide to Privacy-Safe Consumer Data, Insights, & Engagement

Quell your nerves about digital marketing in a privacy-first world.

Featured Case Studies

How Red Door Interactive used Resonate data to craft a values-driven advertising campaign for Titleist Vokey Wedges.

Netflix. Hulu. Disney+. In an industry where disruption is the norm, how does a legacy network continue to win advertising dollars as linear TV takes a backseat to digital platforms?

Alma’s Huge Win with a Nationwide Wellness Brand

Alma, a Miami-based multicultural advertising and segmentation agency, specializes in connecting with the dynamic cultural nuances of Hispanics across the country.

Download the case study to see how Havas Media’s team continue to use Resonate data to bring Proximo’s segmentation to life.

Guides, Reports & Research

Forrester Report: Reprogram The CMO/Agency Technology Relationship

Are you working in an agency trying to level up in the market?

State of the Consumer Report

Your 2022 planning relies on understanding the Overwhelmed, Influenced, and Activist consumers.

As agencies grow in technology, they will shrink in size. Enhance your workforce strategy with intelligent creativity.

Use the insights in this report to help you reallocate ad budget wisely and inform your 2022 strategy.

Drive revenue with insights to further individuality, representation, and authenticity.

Travel and Hospitality Marketer’s Playbook

Learn how you can drive acquisition, tailor experience, and build loyalty with travelers eager to explore.

Resonate customers see 304% ROI. Find out how.

Stale insights and out-of-date assumptions happen when segmentation isn’t done properly.

Learn how to build a disruption-proof agency from a foundation of fresh consumer data.

Consumer, Disrupted: State of the Consumer 2021

Meet the disrupted consumer and learn how to connect with them on a level that goes deeper than toilet paper and curbside pick-up.

Build a diverse, nuanced Hispanic strategy through human-level understanding.

Holiday Shopping 2020 Preview

Download this free report to help make this holiday season a retail celebration.

Six Months Later: How is Coronavirus Affecting Black and Hispanic Americans?

We’ve heard on the news night after night that the coronavirus pandemic has unequally affected communities of color. But, what do the numbers tell us?

Supercharge Your Agency: The Rise of the Agency Avengers

Harness your Agency Avengers’ superpowers to navigate the new normal as a lean, mean and agile AI-driven machine.

State of the Customer

Learn about the rise of purpose-driven brands and the increasing influence of consumer activism.

Open for Business

Develop actionable strategies to gain more influence and connect more effectively with consumers.

Tracking Sentiment During Recent Events: Research on Black Lives Matter, Social Justice, Consumer Activism & Facebook

Download our Wave 6 report on consumer and voter sentiment during a time of unrest

Understand the Impact of Crisis on Consumer Values

Community-oriented values are rising in importance during the pandemic.

Agency Superpowers

Know the consumers in your clients’ verticals on the deepest level and you’ll win new business and crush client campaigns.

National Consumer Study Guide Thumbnail

You’ll learn how Resonate ensures accuracy and precision in it’s U.S. Consumer Study.

Gain a better understanding of the personal values and motivations that drive consumer decisions.

Insights Professional's Guide - Turning Insights into Action WP Thumbnail

How AI and machine learning reveal the motivations behind human decisions.

How The Best Data Drives High-Performing Campaigns

Supercharge your media strategy, exceed campaign goals and impress clients.

The five ways dynamic insights play a role in acquisition.

3 minute cheat sheet

Understanding the why behind consumer behavior and how to target them.

Modern research tools

Learn about research solutions that will power your approach to content, creative, offers, product development and messaging.

Learn how deep consumer insights will attract new customers.


Learn about the rise of purpose-driven brands and the increasing influence of consumer activism.

Guide to Activation Data

Learn how you can power up your next marketing or advertising campaign today.


Gain a better understanding of the personal values and motivations that drive consumer decisions.

How CPG brands can bring their static data to life.

Bank Marketers Playbook

Learn valuable bank marketing insights your next strategic play.

Third party data thumbnail

Learn how quality third-party data fills in the gaps of your consumer understanding.

Typing tools

Learn how to expand your typing tool capabilities at scale.

Transform Customer Experience with a Deeper Understanding of Consumers

How person-level insights will make your loyalty program more relevant.

Three ways to give your brand love a boost using deep insights.

State of the Consumer Thumbnail

Consumer sentiment is evolving rapidly. You need to know where your customer’s head is now.


Adweek and Resonate: New Data to Crush Your EOY Goals

Set yourself up to overcome disruption for you and your clients.

3 Ways to Drive Growth Through Values-Driven Multicultural Microsegmentation

Learn why multicultural understanding requires constant learning.

3 Data-Driven Ways to Drive Revenue Through Deeper Multicultural Understanding

Want to dive into deeper multicultural understanding?

Three Ways Fresh Data Can Make or Break Your 2021

In times of unpredictability, the freshest and deepest consumer data – in real-time and at scale – is the difference between success and failure.

The New Consumer Trends That Will Define the Next 12 Months

Hear about the new consumer health mindset; personal wealth, resources and economics; and how values will drive new buying behavior.

Another Seat at the Table Isn’t Enough

Join us for a conversation on what it takes to speak to consumers of all diverse backgrounds on an individual level.

Connect, Compel and Convert in a Privacy-Safe World: From Coronavirus to Cookies

To drive best-in-class marketing, you need to connect with customers and prospects, and to make those connections, you need to understand their motivations.

Best Worst Time Segmentaiton

How insights-driven companies are ditching traditional segmentation in favor of personalization based on deep customer knowledge.

With disruption-proof data and unparalleled insights you can reveal about clients and prospects, you’ll win the pitch.

2023 is looming as the date of the customer data apocalypse when Google removes third-party cookies from its Chrome browser.

Future-Proof Your Data for a Post-Cookie World

Watch this critical discussion on the issue that’s top-of-mind for every marketer.

Learn how agencies can prepare with a solid cookieless foundation.

Disruption-Proof Data: 4 Ways to Drive Agency Growth

Fresh, deep, and actionable consumer data is the foundation agencies need to grow and stay resilient in the face of disruption.

3 Ways Fresh Data Can Make or Break Your 2021

Consumers faced a stunning pace of change in 2020. With 2021 shaping up to be equally uncertain, fresh consumer data remains critical to success in brand marketing and advertising.

Turn Your Teams Into Strategic Business Partners: Growth in the Pandemic

Your clients are looking to you for strategic leadership now more than ever and you need an arsenal full of AI-driven, cutting-edge consumer insights to rise to the challenge.

Ever wondered how agency leader Havas drives strategy to dazzle accounts and win exciting new business?

More Effective Multicultural Insights: Accelerate Your Segmentation Through Cultural Nuances and Sensitivities

Hosted by Adweek, Resonate’s Ericka Podesta McCoy sat down with Alma’s Head of Strategy, Angela Rodriguez, to discuss tailoring multicultural messages to ethnic microsegments in today’s marketing

The New Consumer Activist: What This Means for Your Client's Brand

It’s important that your clients have a deep understanding of their customers and prospects during this time so they can respond appropriately.

Arm Your New Business Engine: New Insight Into the Breaking Consumer Trends

In the session, Resonate revealed the breaking consumer trends that must be on your agency’s radar.

How to Turn Your Teams Into Strategic Advisors with Better Consumer Insight

We sat down with leaders from these two world-class agencies to discuss the shifts they’re making in this new normal.

4A"s Stratfest - 6 Steps for Turning Insights into the Perfect Pitch

Gain access to an interactive session that discusses how to perform consumer research, build segments and craft creative strategy.

Sports Webinar

Now, with America reopening, questions are arising about what the future of sports will look like in the midst of a global pandemic.

Agencies - Uncertain Times

 How will marketing evolve, what will consumers do over the next 90 days and how will agencies help their brands communicate?

ReOpening America Webinar

You’ll gain access to the real-time data you need now as your organization looks forward to the third and fourth quarters.

Insights from the largest National Consumer Study on COVID-19 consumer sentiment and how to put them into action.

Cardboard Personas

How agencies can build more robust personas, with better quality data, and enrich them with the ‘Human Element’.

Lean Agency

How to develop a deep understanding of your clients’ customers and identify what you need to do to build a competitive advantage.

Social Tribes

We talk to Dieste and discuss how their creative use of data enables them to treat their clients’ audiences like humans.

Use AI Enabled Consumer Intelligence

 Three ways technology is playing an essential part in uncovering transformative insights that will empower your business.