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Resonate's AI-Powered Consumer Data

Your Guide to Resonate’s AI-Powered Consumer Data

Access AI-driven consumer data, updated in real time and at scale, in an easy-to-use platform Is your understanding of your target audience lookin’ swiss-cheesy? Resonate provides the freshest, deepest, most actionable consumer data to give you a COMPLETE view of the people you need to reach. Resonate’s privacy-safe consumer intelligence gets down to the WHY […]

Think You’ll Sink When Cookies Disappear? Your Guide to Navigating the Post-Cookie Sea

Think You’ll Sink When Cookies Disappear? Your Guide to Navigating the Post-Cookie Sea

Wondering what happens after third-party cookies? Here’s how Resonate is adapting with cutting-edge, privacy-preserving consumer insights and activation solutions. Resonate is Your Guide to Navigating Life After Third-Party Cookies For years, cookies have empowered brands and agencies with critical behavioral insights on consumers. So Google’s announcement that third-party cookies will be eliminated by January 2022 […]

[Infographic] Which Hispanic Americans Most Value Romantic Love? Achievement?

If you’re going to connect with your clients’ target customers, you need to know them on a human level. You need to understand the cultural nuances that drive their values, purchasing decisions, media preferences, and more. And, when it comes to the diversity of Hispanic audiences across the United States, it’s critical that brands and […]

[Infographic] How to Connect With Baby Boomer Online Shoppers

Are Baby Boomer online shoppers at the top of your targeting for 2021? No? Well, they should be. The Washington Post recently published an article diving into the spikes in Baby Boomer online shopping:  Baby Boomers, to retailers’ surprise, are the ones dominating online shopping. These shoppers, previously hesitant to click “add to cart” over […]

[Infographic] How Granular Hispanic Segmentation Won the Pitch

[Infographic] How Granular Hispanic Segmentation Won this Agency’s Pitch

Alma, a Miami-based multicultural advertising and segmentation agency, understands the diverse and dynamic cultural nuances of Hispanics across the country. That’s why they knew they could be a top contender to win a major pitch with a nationwide wellness brand. Connecting Hispanic Segmentation with Diverse, Dynamic Audiences The brand wanted to connect with diverse and […]

How Lululemon Must Reflect on Their Marketing Strategy for Mirror

Lululemon stretched their legging-clad legs into a new product category in its summer acquisition of Mirror – a futuristic at-home fitness solution rivaling Peloton’s subscription model and Apple’s just-launched Fitness+. The brand’s latest revenue report indicates a strong 2021, but are they ready to take on the top dogs in virtual fitness? To make them […]

Infographic: Holiday Shopping 2020 Preview

Infographic: Holiday Shopping 2020 Preview

The 2020 holiday shopping season is upon us and while it may look different, it’s still in full swing. Retailers can still expect their typical Black Friday and Cyber Monday shoppers to pay them a visit – even if more are coming through online or to curbside pickup. To connect with these shoppers and get […]

Who Are the Diverse Americans Engaged with Coronavirus Content?

Who Are the Diverse Americans Engaged with Coronavirus Content?

The Coronavirus Has Not Been an Equal Opportunity Crisis We surveyed American adult online consumers to get real-time data on sentiment, motivations and values in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. This crisis isn’t affecting all people equally and its impact plays out in different ways across communities. We looked at specific nuances in the […]

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The Best Marketing and Ad Campaigns Grow From the Best Data

You need the freshest consumer data to activate high-performing campaigns and deliver the best results.  Access Farm-to Table Data with Resonate One of our favorite analogies here at Resonate is looking at the data that powers a campaign in the same way that you would think of produce in a farm-to-table meal. If you want […]

[INFOGRAPHIC]: Actionable Consumer Insights on Today’s Blog-Obsessed Shopper

Consumers today are faced with choice overload, and new factors are impacting the buying decisions and shopping behaviors of the modern shopper. Everything from a company’s charity donations to their online reviews influences a consumer’s decision about who they’ll do business with. How can you leverage these factors to gain a competitive edge? Harnessing powerful […]