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The Fiscal Moderates: A Whole New Center

No new news: the economy remains the central issue in politics at every level: local, state and national. Winning elected office in 2012 requires a finely tuned understanding of where a particular electorate stands on fiscal issues. Success also means avoiding the zero-sum game. Winning a higher percentage of a small ideological group might not […]

Where Door-to-Door and Digital Collide

Last Sunday, as I was enjoying doing absolutely nothing, my doorbell rang.  Naturally, I assumed it was a salesperson.  My husband hates salespeople, but I’m a little more sympathetic, having done sales in the past.  So when I answered the door, I was pleasantly surprised to find a staffer from my political party’s state committee […]

Social Media Users: Getting To Know You

We published a blog post last month that identified Heavy Social Media Users and then looked at their purchase behavior. With marketers spending substantial portions of their budget on social platforms we thought it was worthwhile to understand how, or if, this investment would pay off in product purchases. The goal of the piece was to share […]

The Marriage of Creative and Data

A few weeks ago, I presented the problem in the industry in servicing brands: ‘The Death of Creative at the Hands of Data ‘. If we’ve lost our focus around the importance of creative and replaced it with irrelevant data, is there a way to bring creative and relevant data or insights in line into a happy union?  Now […]

Now We Need the Power of Why

For, far too long marketers haven’t been asking enough questions about the consumer. Their age, income and what they do online are all interesting to know and do provide a loose guide to what motivates a purchase.  But, when it comes down to it consumers don’t purchase based on their demos or site visits; they […]

The Death of Creative at the Hands of Data

“More product is moved through emotion than rational fact. Advertising is the process of changing attitudes.” This quote from Randall Rothenberg, President of the IAB, was part of a presentation last month at the IAB Innovation Days. It highlighted the need to focus on creative in the display advertising industry and it’s a quote that […]

Powering The Online Activist Pipeline

In my first of many blog posts here at Resonate (some of which will be more technical than others), I want to talk at a high level about the opportunity that online advertising presents for driving activist engagement in 2012. The numbers are straightforward. As of June 2011, there are roughly 160 million adults online, […]

Clicks, Unicorns, and Magic Fairy Dust Part 1

Collective put out an interesting study on the profile of clickers. To quote a colleague, this horse can’t possibly stand another beating. Unfortunately it can. If you’ve run campaigns, you’ve probably seen advertisers use click metrics as a measure of driving traffic to a client’s site to raise awareness. Last year, Collective surveyed advertiser and […]

Got Scale?

DSPs. DMPs. SSPs. RTB. Somewhere in this alphabet soup there is supposed to be an easier way for advertisers to buy the online media they want, targeted to the online audience they want. With all the players in the market, there must be something that really works, right? Resonate Networks typically acquires inventory through direct […]

Your Audience Is Not Who You Think It Is

Many advertisers have a hard time reaching their true audiences online.  Often, advertisers spend considerable time and effort refining their audience definitions only to find that they cannot effectively reach that audience online and are forced to dumb down these definitions when running online ad campaigns. We talk to advertisers about this all the time. […]

Good News — Facebook CTR Is Down

Should advertisers care whether Facebook overall has a lower CTR than display advertising?  Is that what would drive my decision on which channel to spend my online dollars? RealIy, in 2011? That’s so 1994! Savvy marketers are doing analysis on what it costs to get their target consumer to do something more meaningful than click […]

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