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The Coupon Crew

By Chris Cox, Director of Client Strategy & Insight Have you ever wondered what a true coupon user looks like? Do you picture grandma sitting at the kitchen table clipping […]

Data Visualization’s Secret Sauce

By Sean Slavin, Visual Designer Data scientists and visual designers from across the globe gathered at Visualized in New York City on February 6th and 7th. Among the 25+ keynote […]

Valentine’s Value

Valentine’s Day isn’t just about hearts and candy. It’s a day to reflect on the loved ones in our lives and on the value they bring to our day-to-day. Happy […]

Two Reasons Why People Watch the Olympics

Patriotism vs. Belonging: How Olympics Advertisers Should Address Differing Audience Values Why do people really watch the Olympics? Resonate surveyed two audiences within the Olympics viewing population as key influencers: […]

Survey Says: Understanding Common Core

By Lauren Kreisberg, Research Director I’m pleased to announce Resonate’s release of our newest wave of data, collected in late November/early December 2013.  I’m also excited to introduce our inaugural […]

The Legacy of MLK

Today, the country honors Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Decades later, his powerful “I Have a Dream” speech still resonates loud. We remember his message of equality and his pursuit […]

Putting a Bow on 2013

Back in February, we boldly predicted that 2013 would be “the year that ad targeting would shift gears.” Let’s play Monday morning QB and see how we faired in those […]

‘Tis the Season for Giving

By Lauren Kreisberg, Research Director It’s easy to get burnt out on holiday shopping!  What to get your picky best friend?  What about that work colleague who always does you […]

Insights on Insomniacs

An inadequate amount of zzz’s can lead to depression and anxiety as well as increased risk for heart disease.  According to the National Sleep Foundation, 48% of Americans report occasional […]

The Migration of Luxury Shopping

Building reputation and loyalty between luxury brands and affluent customers has historically meant in-person service. But today’s high income consumers of luxury items have migrated their shopping from in-store to […]

World AIDS Day 2013

If an issue resonates with you – as an individual looking to get involved or as an advocacy group recruiting support – there are many ways to engage action. This […]

Internet Summit 2013

In addition to headliners like Reddit’s Alexis Ohanian and Twitter’s Brent Herd, the best and the brightest from all edges of the technosphere gathered at last week’s Internet Summit in […]

Today We Honor Our Veterans

A commitment to their country and its national security obviously drives the majority of U.S. Veterans. But with a current political landscape consumed by a variety of high-profile issues, where […]