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Insights on Insomniacs

An inadequate amount of zzz’s can lead to depression and anxiety as well as increased risk for heart disease.  According to the National Sleep Foundation, 48% of Americans report occasional […]

The Migration of Luxury Shopping

Building reputation and loyalty between luxury brands and affluent customers has historically meant in-person service. But today’s high income consumers of luxury items have migrated their shopping from in-store to […]

World AIDS Day 2013

If an issue resonates with you – as an individual looking to get involved or as an advocacy group recruiting support – there are many ways to engage action. This […]

Internet Summit 2013

In addition to headliners like Reddit’s Alexis Ohanian and Twitter’s Brent Herd, the best and the brightest from all edges of the technosphere gathered at last week’s Internet Summit in […]

Today We Honor Our Veterans

A commitment to their country and its national security obviously drives the majority of U.S. Veterans. But with a current political landscape consumed by a variety of high-profile issues, where […]

Modern Marketing Measurement

Last week, Resonate attended Mastering Measurement, led by the IAB and the Laredo Group, to further analyze metrics and data surrounding digital advertising. The best practices for measuring online marketing and advertising […]

Candy Casts Its Spell

The full moon doesn’t just bring out the goblins and the ghouls on Halloween; it also welcomes the crazy candy addicts – many of whom suffer from a sweets infatuation […]

The Tells of NY Gamblers

Could the Big Apple be the next Sin City? On November 5, 2013, New Yorkers state-wide will vote on the legalization of full-service casinos. Currently, casino gambling is contained to […]

GMO Labeling: A Go or a No-No?

On November 5, 2013 citizens of Washington State will vote on whether or not to label food products that have been genetically modified (GMO), allowing consumers to have more control […]

Millennials, Motor Vehicles & Motivations

Society, the media, and the marketing industry more often than not categorize people into broad generalizations that gloss over the nuance and complexity that define real humanity.  From political affiliation […]

Hello Digital Pharma East

Today marks the start of the 7th Annual Digital Pharma East Conference – the principle event in life science marketing. The forum is the primo outlet for marketing strategists and professionals […]

Following in Columbus’ Footsteps

In 1492, Christopher Columbus, fueled by a thirst for adventure and a duty to his endorsers, embarked on a journey bound for discovery. But in 2013, are people still motivated […]

Beauty and the Marketing Beast

Last week, media news outlet Adweek released information compiled from media planning agency PHD suggesting marketers should utilize women’s attitudes towards their own physical attractiveness, or lack thereof, to sell […]

Congress: “Shut It Down!”

It’s been almost 20 years since the last congressional shutdown. And though it is only days into this current federal freeze, many still remain in the dark as to when […]

Experience the Music

Some claim love is the universal language, while others assert it’s math that harbors global understanding. But since the beginning of time humans have pounded rocks and beaten sticks to […]