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Jay-Z Markets His Values

Photo Courtesy of Billboard.com With Jay-Z’s early release of “Magna Carta…Holy Grail” through Samsung, the rapper-cum-business mogul has yet again broken the music industry mold having sold a million copies […]

America: The Brand

As the US celebrates the 4th of July tomorrow amidst family, friends, and BBQ, the Resonate team picked our 3 favorite websites that showcase “America: The Brand” – in a couple […]

Your current insights are insults

Merriam Webster defines insights as “The act or result of apprehending the inner nature of things.” So then why, as with everything else in our online ad ecosystem, does everyone […]

Where Door-to-Door and Digital Collide

Last Sunday, as I was enjoying doing absolutely nothing, my doorbell rang.  Naturally, I assumed it was a salesperson.  My husband hates salespeople, but I’m a little more sympathetic, having […]

Social Media Users: Getting To Know You

We published a blog post last month that identified Heavy Social Media Users and then looked at their purchase behavior. With marketers spending substantial portions of their budget on social platforms we […]

The Marriage of Creative and Data

A few weeks ago, I presented the problem in the industry in servicing brands: ‘The Death of Creative at the Hands of Data ‘. If we’ve lost our focus around the importance […]

Now We Need the Power of Why

For, far too long marketers haven’t been asking enough questions about the consumer. Their age, income and what they do online are all interesting to know and do provide a […]

Got Scale?

DSPs. DMPs. SSPs. RTB. Somewhere in this alphabet soup there is supposed to be an easier way for advertisers to buy the online media they want, targeted to the online […]

Your Audience Is Not Who You Think It Is

Many advertisers have a hard time reaching their true audiences online.  Often, advertisers spend considerable time and effort refining their audience definitions only to find that they cannot effectively reach […]

Good News — Facebook CTR Is Down

Should advertisers care whether Facebook overall has a lower CTR than display advertising?  Is that what would drive my decision on which channel to spend my online dollars? RealIy, in […]