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What You Need to Know About U.S. Consumers Who Are Cancelling Travel Amid COVID-19

Coronavirus has disrupted everyday life as nations across the globe put actions into place to thwart its spread. As a result, many U.S. consumers are cancelling travel and vacation plans in an effort to comply with restrictions and social distancing precautions.   We dug into our Resonate data – which reveals thousands of attributes on over 200 million U.S. consumers and is updated in real-time, to learn more about the people […]

MarTech Series Q&A with Andy Hunn: How Resonate Became the “Go-To Platform for Martech and Analytics”

TRUSTED DATA HAS NEVER BEEN MORE IMPORTANT “Much of the data that traverses the digital world was expressly created to drive ad targeting online, where scale matters much more than accuracy,” Resonate COO Andy Hunn told MarTech Series in a recent Q&A. “But when you’re driving eight to nine-figure marketing strategy decisions, data quality becomes the […]

What Makes Neiman Marcus, Saks Fifth Avenue and Bloomingdales Shoppers Unique? Looking Beyond the Luxury Label

When you think of luxury department stores, many likely come to mind. We whittled down the long list and honed in on three upscale retailers. We discovered some surprising differences in the product preferences and personal values of these customers. While Bloomingdales, Neiman Marcus and Saks Fifth Avenue sell many of the same brands and […]

Why Are Amazon Prime Shoppers So Damn Loyal?

Amazon Prime Day has become the biggest retail event of the summer for shoppers, and Prime members have access to thousands of deals for 48 hours, up from last year’s 36-hour bonanza. The total number of shoppers is expected to grow by 13% year over year, and 56% of them are expected to spend even […]