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[Video] Analyst Interview: Brandon Purcell, Forrester

The modern marketer’s role seems to expand by the minute. One of their most important job requirements is connecting with consumers in impactful and efficient ways. So much goes into better engagement, including having the right consumer insights, a strong segmentation strategy and a unified view of the customer. We recently spoke with Forrester Principal […]

4 Ways to Drive Performance with Corporate-Consumer Value Alignment

Companies were often hesitant to speak out on social issues, unless it was tax or regulation-related because they had nothing to gain and everything to lose. Their creative and messaging focused on the brand promise, product or service feature they were selling and that’s all consumers expected. Today, people want more from brands. It’s not […]

[Infographic] Get to Know 44 Million Bank Switchers

44 million U.S. consumers are planning to or could be persuaded to switch banks in the next year. This presents a massive opportunity for bank marketers and agencies with banking clients to connect with current customers and prospective customers who could be on the fence. The key to more meaningful engagement is to have a […]

3 Ways You Can Be a Kick-A$$ Data Expert

Before the digital age of media, print publishers conducted detailed surveys of their audience, which salespeople would use to sell ad packages to brands. With the rise of digital media and programmatic auctions, advertisers believed in the power of their first-party data, and publisher contextual and audience insights fell by the wayside. Thankfully, advertisers are […]

[Quiz] Do You Know the Generations as Well as You Think You Do?

As marketers we’ve fallen into a pattern—marketing to entire generations as if every person in that group is the same, when they all have different interests, motivations and values. Do you know how different the older and younger segments within a generation are from one another? Take our quiz to find out and then pass […]

[Video] Client Testimonial: Stuart Meyler, Beeby Clark + Meyler

Agencies are under pressure as the economics that underpin the industry are changing. Some of the biggest shifts are in the way agencies are compensated, as well as new competition from insourcing and consulting firms. The reality is that there are fewer opportunities and more people chasing them. Hear Stuart Meyler, President, Beeby Clark + […]

[Video] Client Testimonial: Jonathan Lee, Grey New York

Agencies are going through a fundamental model change and clients are demanding faster, cheaper, more agile strategies across more platforms. Hear Jonathan Lee, Chief Strategy Officer, Grey New York, explain how the agency is using consumer insights to respond to these shifts in today’s market. 

[Video] How Insights Can Inform A More Effective Loyalty Strategy

Companies often struggle to capture a bigger share of wallet with their loyalty programs. Our deep consumer insights can reveal a holistic view of loyalty program consumers, what they value and their interests. Brands use these dynamic insights to offer consumers the most compelling rewards and build customer lifetime value. Watch the video to hear […]

[Video] How Insights Guide A More Effective Acquisition Strategy

Companies want to acquire more high-value customers but don’t know who they are, where to reach them or what content engages them. Resonate’s deep consumer insights help companies segment customers dynamically and uncover their values and motivations. They are then able to develop the right kind of messaging for the right channels. Watch the video […]

[Video] Insights Ignite Transformation Panel

The pace at which insights-driven firms are growing is staggering: more than 30% annually on average and $1.8 trillion in revenue by 2021, according to Forrester. How can brands and agencies take part in this transformational growth? Watch our panel of brand and agency experts discuss what it means to be insights-driven today and in […]

[Infographic] Are You Capturing Today’s Loyalty Lovers?

Consumers these days belong to multiple loyalty programs–earning rewards for everything from their grocery runs to personal and business travel. But membership growth in loyalty programs has slowed down, signaling that people are losing interest in static rewards. With deep consumer insights, brands can give their loyalty programs the boost they need to retain current […]

[Infographic] 3 Steps to Boost Your Customer Acquisition

In this age of the customer, acquisition strategies need to focus on creating stronger, longer lasting connections with consumers. And the key to more meaningful engagement is having a deeper understanding of today’s shoppers, including the values and motivations that guide their daily decisions. Here are three insights-driven steps for successfully reaching and engaging with your prospective […]

[Infographic] Generation X: The Yin and Yang Consumers

One of the most common ways personas are segmented in marketing is by generation. But there are distinct nuances within age groups that marketers should consider when developing their strategies for reaching certain consumers. Generation X is one of the most perplexing generations. Despite being the smallest in numbers, its older segment, ages 46-53, couldn’t […]

[Infographic] Millennials: A Tale of Two Consumers

How well do you understand today’s consumers beyond gender, age and other demographics? As marketers, we often try to reach entire generations with the same message. But do you think all millennials shop the same? Do they all have the same decision drivers? We compared younger millennials to older millennials and found some stark differences […]

Resonate Unveils Personal Values Report to Inform Brand Strategies

New Report Improves Marketers’ Ability to Uncover the Human Element Behind Consumer Decision-Making RESTON, Va., Nov. 07, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Resonate, the leading provider of consumer intelligence for marketers, today announced the launch of its Personal Values Report, a new tool in the Resonate platform designed to make it even easier for brands to […]

Infographic: Consumer Insights for 2018 Holiday Shoppers

Did you know that nearly 80% of U.S. consumers choose retailers that carry cost-effective products? It’s not surprising that with so many consumers prioritizing cost this holiday season there are also 57 million consumers who wait for Black Friday and 50 million shoppers who wait for Cyber Monday to make purchases. Who are these shoppers and how can you attract them to your online […]

Resonate Releases ‘State of the Consumer’ Report

The Report Explains Changing Consumer Behavior by Researching Five Popular Domains Among Customers. Its Observations Are Meant to Educate Marketers About the Shift in Market Dynamics and the Need to Adapt to a New Genre of Consumers Resonate, a proven leader in consumer intelligence and insights released key information through their ‘State of the Consumer’ […]

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