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Featured in AdvertisingWeek: How Financial Brands Can Apply Consumer Intelligence Across the Full Funnel

The article by Shiva Sharif below appeared in AdvertisingWeek. Read it in its entirety here. The upheaval of the past two years has touched every aspect of consumer lives, including their finances and how they think about money management. Particularly as the competitive landscape of online direct-to-consumer banking and investment players becomes more crowded, it’s […]

Featured In Multichannel Merchant: How Brands Can Connect with the Influenced Consumer

The article below appeared in Multichannel Merchant on March 8, 2022. Read it in its entirety here. Brands have always sought to align themselves with the media and messaging most likely to prove influential among their core audiences. But these days, even the way in which consumers are influenced—and to what extent—is proving to be […]

Featured in Retail Touchpoints: A Generational Analysis of Today’s Home Improvement Customers

The article below appeared in Retail Touchpoints on March 17, 2022. Read it in its entirety here. During the pandemic, the relationship between homeowners and their homes fundamentally changed, as lockdowns, social distancing guidance and quarantine protocols left many consumers with an abundance of time to stare at their own four walls. These homebound tendencies […]

Navigating the Midterms: AI-Driven Nevada Primary Voter Data

A western battleground that recently favored the Democratic Duelers, Nevada, could have major electoral consequences in the 2022 Midterms. While the Democrats occupy the Governor’s Mansion, both U.S. Senate seats and three out of the four U.S. House seats, the last two Nevada presidential results were decided by close margins. No one should be sitting […]

Winning the Peach State Primaries: Decisive Georgia Voter Segments Available for Immediate Targeting

Known for its gentle southern charm, the Peach State is producing some cutthroat political drama this primary season and Georgia voter segments are hot on everyone’s mind. While the Rust Belt to the north has historically been considered the home of electoral battlegrounds, Georgia staked its position as a national bellwether somewhere along the trail. […]

3 Quick Tips to Connect With Socially Responsible Investors

Investors focused on financial decisions based on a greater good grows each year and, whether you’re a traditional firm or a robo-advisor, these socially responsible investors need to be top of mind. We looked at the data on American consumers with investment portfolios of $25,000 or more who prioritize consumer decisions based in corporate responsibility. […]

6 Insights Comparing Fast Food Fans by DMA: Nashville and Atlanta

When a fast food franchise is exploring investment in a new location or where to spend their advertising dollars, it’s critical to know the makeup of a region’s customer base. Resonate allows brands to onboard their own first-party data to enrich it with 14,000+ attributes, including insights on DMA, fast food preferences, and more. Resonate […]

A Deeper Look at the Voters Who Voted for Biden, But No Longer Support Him

The Biden Administration is hitting the reset button on the White House’s messaging strategy amidst falling approval ratings, a stubborn pandemic, and legislative shortcomings in a sharply divided Congress. The plan, it seems, is to put the Swamp in the rearview for the time being and head towards the heartland to speak directly with the […]

Learn How to Unlock a Comprehensive, Actionable Customer View in 5 Steps

You know your customers. The AI-driven Resonate Ignite Platform™ knows them better. And you’re just 5 steps away from unlocking a comprehensive, actionable customer view with the proprietary data you need to empower your team. Keep scrolling to learn how to: Conduct research on your market and how you position your products  Develop comprehensive strategy […]

Learn How One Network Found a Higher Value in O&O

A&E’s content on O&O is free for viewer consumption — but it’s limited. They use Resonate’s real-time, dynamic data to make tough decisions on where to place content and what will drive the highest value for advertisers.  In this infographic which examines their decision making, you’ll learn:  Why focusing on subscriptions over free content isn’t always […]

Domino’s Gave Away Gift Cards to Small Businesses in Move Rooted in Consumer Values

Successful marketing efforts are measured in KPIs, but that success is driven by something less rooted in numbers: values and behaviors. Knowing who your customers are demographically is helpful. So is knowing their buying patterns. But, more important, is understanding why they buy and what motivates them. This gives you the power to tap into deeper […]

Resonate Featured in Streaming Media: Differences Between Live and On-Demand Audiences

Resonate’s Ray Faust’s latest byline in Streaming Media explores the critical differences between live and on-demand audiences. TV viewing habits show no signs of slowing down dramatic shifts towards consumers viewing their favorite shows through traditional channels, and marketers are tasked with understanding which of these changes are pandemic-driven, which will stick around, and which […]

Newsflash: Your In-Store and Online Shoppers are NOT the Same!

In-store and online shoppers are similar demographically, yes. But, that doesn’t mean they’re the same. There are nuances that determine which items they’re buying, how you should inform your messaging for each group, and what kind of offers and customer service experiences will resonate with them. This is the kind of hyper-targeted segmentation that separates […]

Data-driven Insights for Gubernatorial Campaigns

While the control of Congress has been the central conversation heading into the 2022 Midterms, there are also 36 gubernatorial elections that will take place next year. We’re coming off the heels of a big Republican upset in Virginia and a too close for comfort gubernatorial race for New Jersey Democrats. So if 2021 is […]

Featured in Digital Commerce 360: Unique Characteristics of the ‘Buy Now, Pay Later’ Consumer

Buy Now, Pay Later customers are the darling of the retail world right now. They offer retailers an opportunity to reach audiences and build revenue streams with those customers who could be new to their brand and just starting out in the world as adult consumers. In this Digital Commerce 360 article using Resonate data, […]

Your Guide to Prove Your Network’s Value, Win Ad Dollars, and Boost Retention

The competition for advertising dollars is fierce and to continue to win business and boost retention, you need to prove your worth. That’s why it’s time to quantify and prove your network’s value add by showcasing your advertiser’s desired target audience, showing the deepest layers that advertisers may not even know themselves, and effectively delivering […]

Featured In AdvertisingWeek: Unique Data and Insights for Connecting with Year-End Jet-Setters

Resonate’s CMO Ericka Podesta McCoy was recently featured in AdvertisingWeek discussing the precise, real-time data and insights that marketers can use to accurately target their year-end ad spend and increase ROI. This article, Unique Data and Insights for Connecting with Year-End Jet-Setters, specifically focuses on the hard-hit travel industry during a promising busy season — […]