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Summer Travel During the Pandemic: 48% of Consumers Are Now Ready to Hit the Road

What Can We Expect From Summer Travel During the Pandemic? The [typical] summer travel season has arrived. But, what will beach vacations and trips to see grandparents look like during a global pandemic? We last looked at sentiment around travel and the COVID-19 crisis earlier this spring, but, with new Wave 4 data just in […]

Voters Across the U.S. are Assessing Reopening Differently. Are Yours Ready?

How Do You Message to Voters in Different Stages of the New Normal?  From Texas to Tennessee, Massachusetts to Montana, voters across the nation are facing different realities as the country moves into phased reopening plans. If you want to message to your voters in a way that feels relevant to them today, you need to stay up-to-the-minute […]

Resonate and Cava Partner to Deliver Meals to Reston Hospital Center

Resonators Support Those Who Are Keeping Our Community Safe and Healthy During these times of crisis, our community’s frontline workers and healthcare professionals have shown strength and resilience day after day. The Resonation is doing their part by partnering with Cava Mezze to help feed those who are keeping us safe and healthy.  Last week, Resonators made the first of several deliveries […]

From Rushed to Resistant, Are Your Customers Ready to Reopen?

Summer’s Here, Phased Reopening Has Arrived and Consumers Are Faced With Big Decisions Every day poses new questions for consumers as they navigate their level of comfort with the new normal, particularly as news stories remind us daily that the coronavirus pandemic is prevalent from coast to coast. In our latest report, From Rushed to […]

Robo-Advisors v. Professional Advisors: Who Should You Turn To In Crisis?

A Downturn Can Represent Investment Opportunity. But, Who Should Do the Investing? The market has been on a wild ride during the coronavirus pandemic, but savvy investors know that a downturn can present an opportunity to buy and sell shares. Buy low, sell high, as they say. And, for the average Joe considering financial advice, […]

Featured in Campaigns & Elections: COVID-19 Impacting Voter Values

COVID-19 is Impacting Voter Values. How Will That Play Out at the Polls? Resonate appeared on the Campaigns & Elections website to discuss the evolution of values throughout the coronavirus pandemic. Read the entire article here. Voter values are shifting like never before. Values that were once thought to stay stable throughout a lifetime are […]

Salty Snacks and Cheap Wine: CPG Marketing During a Crisis

We’re seeing drastic shifts across verticals in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic. But, consumer and packaged goods are seeing increased demand as customers stock up on groceries, alcohol and more. In this post, we’re going to look into two specific CPG groups: those who are increasing online grocery delivery and those increasing the frequency […]

Values In 2020: Equality and Tolerance Among U.S. Adults

How do U.S. adults rank equality and tolerance among top values now? From Protests to the Ballot Box, Our Country is Refocusing Its Values One week ago, we thought this blog post regarding values would be about the changes we’ve seen due to the coronavirus pandemic. Today, the COVID-19 headlines have been pushed farther and […]

How Brands Can Connect with Millennials Based on Their Unique Values

Price and convenience are still important, but Millennials look to support brands that create values-based relationships.   LOOKING FOR MILLENNIAL SHOPPERS? FIND THEM ON SOCIAL. Millennials’ love affair with social media has been well documented, along with the myriad challenges that it poses for brands. However, Millennials’ embrace of social media isn’t a problem for […]