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Gather ‘Round the Big Screen for Thanksgiving Football 2020

Most people are sticking close to home this Thanksgiving weekend. Sports fans are still pumped to see their favorite players back on the screen. Leftovers are calling our name from the fridge (turkey and cranberry sandwich, anyone?). It’s the perfect recipe for a weekend on the couch yelling, “Touchdown!” Who’s Tuning into Thanksgiving Football Games? […]

Thanksgiving 2020: Who’s Doing the Dishes?

With a smaller group around the table this year, what can CPG companies expect when it comes to the cleaning products that Thanksgiving hosts are most likely to purchase? We looked at those consumers most likely to buy products specific to the Thanksgiving season and analyzed their attitudes, habits, and purchasing drivers around cleaning up. […]

Think You’ll Sink When Cookies Disappear? Your Guide to Navigating the Post-Cookie Sea

If you work in the digital world, you’ve likely spent a few nights awake wondering, “What happens after cookies?” The date JANUARY 2022 – when Google’s removal of third-party cookies will be complete – is looming like a beacon on the horizon and the internet is scrambling to adapt and stay connected to the consumer […]

Jingle Shelves: How Can CPG Holiday Brands Connect with Consumers this Holiday Season?

The holidays may look different this year, but this could be good news for CPG brands as consumers stay home and spend time together gathered ‘round the kitchen. Connecting with Consumers During the Holiday Baking Season As a CPG brand, you’re competing against legacy brands that have a festive history with bakers. Nestle, Baker’s, Ghirardelli, […]

Your Campaign is Short on Time. Target the Right Audience with the Right Message Today!

Time is running out. With less than two weeks until the election, you need to hit the exact right audience at the right time with a precisely targeted message. Voters are currently overwhelmed with increasing COVID-19 cases, the ongoing fight for social justice, ongoing Supreme Court nomination hearings and a barrage of negative campaign ads. […]

Just Released: Target Undecided Voters During These Critical Final Weeks

72% of Americans have not voted yet. 52% of voters believe Biden will win on November 3.  Does that mean the election is over?   Not even close. Two weeks remain and the American electorate has experienced a canceled Presidential debate, the potential confirmation of a new Supreme Court Justice and an ongoing barrage of campaign ads. […]

[Report] Socially Responsible Investing Stands to Grow in 2021

Savvy investors know money holds the power to enact change for the greater good. So, it’s no surprise that socially responsible investing (SRI) has seen 40% growth year-over-year according to a study from US SIF. What is Socially Responsible Investing? When you think of investment decisions, your immediate thought goes to ROI. What’s going to […]

Consumers are Showing Signs of Cautious Optimism

We’ve seen consumer sentiment ride a roller coaster of ups and downs over the past 7 months, but the latest September data has revealed a story of cautious optimism. Whether it’s the promise of a vaccine before the end of 2020 or simply that consumers are hoping to will themselves into a new normal, 29% […]

Socially Distant Santa? Here’s Your Holiday Shopping 2020 Preview

Consumers avoiding brick and mortar stores. Apprehensions about the state of the economy. The looming uncertainty of a second wave of the pandemic. That doesn’t sound good for holiday shopping, right? Well, not so fast. We’re starting to see a sense of cautious optimism creep back into consumers’ wallets. Consumers worried about the economy to […]

Accelerate Ad Revenue with Actionable AI-Driven Audience Insights

Sports have returned. Viewers are still streaming with abandon. The media landscape has changed, no doubt, but this strange time presents an opportunity. As a media company, you rely on consumers making space for reading, watching and listening, and they are spending more time at home. Seize the opportunity to optimize and accelerate revenue. Your […]

Marketing to Auto Policyholders in a New Normal

Credits, refunds, incentives. Auto insurers have been pulling out the stops to encourage policyholders to stay the course throughout the pandemic, particularly as consumers are spending less time on the road and 51% are worried about their personal financial situation to a moderate to extreme extent according to Resonate’s latest Wave 7 data. Marketing to […]

Tracking the Pulse of Today’s Consumer Across Verticals

60% of American consumers won’t return to in-store shopping unless the staff is wearing masks and gloves. 75% of consumers are resistant to reopen. And 16% of consumers are increasing their spending during the pandemic. Is your brand speaking to these consumer groups in a way that connects with where they are right now? Following […]

Readiness, Retail and the Return to Back-to-School During a Pandemic

Back-to-school. It’s the season that brings back memories of fresh new jeans, crisp, unmarked notebook pages and a backpack that had yet to see a pen stain. Each year, a new world waited for you in the classroom, rich with opportunities for friends and scholastic success. But, what does that look like in the new […]

We Asked Voters: Do You Trust Facebook Political Ads?

Almost 80% of Voters Are Probably Skeptical of Your Facebook Campaign Ads So, with that info, shown below, in mind, how are you feeling about campaign strategy right about now? You have to consider whether your targeted voters trust Facebook as a source of news and information, whether they trust political ads they’re served through […]

2020 is a Moving Target: 79% of Voters Could Opt Out from Political Ads

How do you communicate with voters in an election cycle when sentiment is shifting rapidly? Our National Voter Survey is tracking the latest on what matters to voters now. Voters are inundated with a roller coaster of breaking news stories day in and day out. On Monday, they’re feeling optimistic about the state of affairs […]

Netflix and Quarantine: How Have Streaming Services Fared During the Pandemic?

With More Consumers at Home, Streaming TV Eyes an Opportunity If you’re sitting at home, there’s a decent chance you’ve flipped on the TV. Sure, you’ve been perfecting your focaccia recipe, maybe needlepointing on occasion and, of course, trying to come up with a reason to avoid your next Zoom happy hour. But, between all […]

Shopping During COVID: 62% Are Ready to Browse In-Store

Stores Are Beginning to Open. Are Consumers Ready to Shop? Online shopping, curbside pickup and same-day delivery has been the standard in retail over the past several months. As we tried to decode different messages regarding the spread of COVID-19, assessed our personal willingness to accept varying risk levels and incorporated the use of masks […]

Summer Travel During the Pandemic: 48% of Consumers Are Now Ready to Hit the Road

What Can We Expect From Summer Travel During the Pandemic? The [typical] summer travel season has arrived. But, what will beach vacations and trips to see grandparents look like during a global pandemic? We last looked at sentiment around travel and the COVID-19 crisis earlier this spring, but, with new Wave 4 data just in […]

Voters Across the U.S. are Assessing Reopening Differently. Are Yours Ready?

How Do You Message to Voters in Different Stages of the New Normal?  From Texas to Tennessee, Massachusetts to Montana, voters across the nation are facing different realities as the country moves into phased reopening plans. If you want to message to your voters in a way that feels relevant to them today, you need to stay up-to-the-minute […]

Resonate and Cava Partner to Deliver Meals to Reston Hospital Center

Resonators Support Those Who Are Keeping Our Community Safe and Healthy During these times of crisis, our community’s frontline workers and healthcare professionals have shown strength and resilience day after day. The Resonation is doing their part by partnering with Cava Mezze to help feed those who are keeping us safe and healthy.  Last week, Resonators made the first of several deliveries […]

From Rushed to Resistant, Are Your Customers Ready to Reopen?

Summer’s Here, Phased Reopening Has Arrived and Consumers Are Faced With Big Decisions Every day poses new questions for consumers as they navigate their level of comfort with the new normal, particularly as news stories remind us daily that the coronavirus pandemic is prevalent from coast to coast. In our latest report, From Rushed to […]

Robo-Advisors v. Professional Advisors: Who Should You Turn To In Crisis?

A Downturn Can Represent Investment Opportunity. But, Who Should Do the Investing? The market has been on a wild ride during the coronavirus pandemic, but savvy investors know that a downturn can present an opportunity to buy and sell shares. Buy low, sell high, as they say. And, for the average Joe considering financial advice, […]

Featured in Campaigns & Elections: COVID-19 Impacting Voter Values

COVID-19 is Impacting Voter Values. How Will That Play Out at the Polls? Resonate appeared on the Campaigns & Elections website to discuss the evolution of values throughout the coronavirus pandemic. Read the entire article here. Voter values are shifting like never before. Values that were once thought to stay stable throughout a lifetime are […]

Salty Snacks and Cheap Wine: CPG Marketing During a Crisis

We’re seeing drastic shifts across verticals in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic. But, consumer and packaged goods are seeing increased demand as customers stock up on groceries, alcohol and more. In this post, we’re going to look into two specific CPG groups: those who are increasing online grocery delivery and those increasing the frequency […]

Values In 2020: Equality and Tolerance Among U.S. Adults

How do U.S. adults rank equality and tolerance among top values now? From Protests to the Ballot Box, Our Country is Refocusing Its Values One week ago, we thought this blog post regarding values would be about the changes we’ve seen due to the coronavirus pandemic. Today, the COVID-19 headlines have been pushed farther and […]